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Wrestling thread

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But at least it’s more of a minority than WWE haters.
Giggles Well yeah, TK already found out that some of the “Anti-AEW” Agenda on Social Media is coming from Bots, not surprising whatsoever XD
Why do especially those certain “Things” wanna see a Promotion Fail & go out of Business so badly? Is it because they’re so Mad that WWE has been such a Dumpsterfire Product to sit through that they let out Anger towards Something? :o
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@Background Pony #E511
Except there us no proof all the AEW hate comments are from bots other then Tony randomly saying so put of the blue.
No verified data or anything, just Tony yelling “BOT”. Even if there are people with legitimate issues with the company
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That barb wire match was a bit underwhelming. I’m not as upset as others are about Jericho winning, as I don’t think the feud is totally over, but the match was rushed. Why give only 13 minutes for a fucking barb wire match?
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Negan Guy
AEW was still a good show it make up for a terrible RAW on Monday two DQ with Street Profits one against Omos and one a Tag Team match then a count out from theory and a awful 24/7 title woman’s TV14 my arse end the 24/7 title it died from Dana boring.
Dashie41 YT

Negan Guy
The card for Summerslam feels like rematch after rematch Wrestlemania not looking forward to it except for Riddle vs Seth Rollins
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@Dashie41 YT
IMO, Dana Brooke still having that 24/7 title (without learning lessons on unconditional love, Idc about kayfabe especially when Dana and Reggie had good chemistry until she divorced him) especially after divorcing Reggie, just made me stop watching RAW.
Bianca Belair at least she unconditionally loves her husband Montez Ford and doesn’t care if she loses a championship title or he loses a match, they still love each other. Kayfabe or not.
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