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Star Fox
Posted by Dr Outback
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Notre Dame In Paris Discussion
Posted by TwilyIsBestPone
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Live Action Movies Thread
Posted by Director's Cut
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How Quick Can We Get the Mods to Shut Down This Thread
Posted by Penguin Lagann
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The Things That Really Makes You Mad
Posted by Director's Cut
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Fallout:Van Buren
Posted by Macaronon
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Robot Wars Thread
Posted by Revan0123
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Posting any random horse/pony related images or whatever random stuff that comes to mind
Posted by Background Pony #ED09
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Who was the Chris Chan of this fandom?
Posted by CaptainXtra
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Fate/AfterDark (NSFW)
Posted by ExtreVile
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Monsters Vs. Humans [NSFW]
Posted by ExtreVile
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Vore thread [NSFW]
Posted by trashboat
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Upcoming Video Game Releases Discussion
Posted by Penguin Lagann
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Come make friends!
Posted by Mintmelody
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Today I learned...
Posted by DerpyFast
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POEM / Journal thing
Posted by Poltergeist94
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Zootopia discussion thread
Posted by Bronyclopman
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Apparently there were bronies 200 years ago!
Posted by HenBasket
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Marvel Vent Thread
Posted by JasonRatana
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ToonKritic's back...
Posted by Penguin Lagann
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Anime Memes (Potential NSFW)
Posted by ExtreVile
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Them's Fightin'Herds Discussion
Posted by Funnygamer95
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Favorite Music Genre
Posted by TwilyIsBestPone
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test poll
Posted by Amateur-draw
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Derpibooru Discord?
Posted by FlutterNom
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