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"[@Ponies And Cuddles":](/forums/meta/topics/ask-the-mods-important-questions-v2?post_id=5048472#post_5048472
If you are still asking about "[changing your email":](/forums/meta/topics/ask-the-mods-important-questions-v2?post_id=5042911#post_5042911) that needs to be discussed in private so that your personal information is not exposed. If you are unable to use Discord, you may be able to get help by going to our IRC server (the link is on the Contact page) or by emailing from the email that you registered this profile with.

If you send an email, please let ops know what you want your email address to be changed to so they can verify it is a valid email address. If the site is not allowing you to change your email address, please also let ops know what error you are receiving when you try to change it.
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