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Let me know if you'd like a hand, I have been working with those for awhile - it really depends what tool you're using.

Something you can try right away is exporting the file in a PNG format. sRGB is 'the norm' for PNG, so the unless you've modified the defaults in your app the color values are sRGB values. After exporting the file, open it in some other app - or even in your browser - and you should get a better view of what it will look like once uploaded.

And if that doesn't do it you can send it to me and I canwill 'do 'things' to it' until it has the look that you're looking for, and then you'll have a workflow for next time.
A lot of this is stuff people have to do once, and thereafter it's just a part of their process. And happily this is just happening on the web rather than in some big print job \^\_\^
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