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If the request is bulk operations on images, you can give us anything that points to the images and a description of what you want done in the text field of the report.

For example, you can give us a search string, or a link to a gallery.

You can also give us links to the actual images or comments, or if it's images just the image IDs.

I think the most I've seen in a single report was something over 500 images.

Those kinds of reports is why you sometimes see reports taking days, weeks, or even months to complete. Especially if the operations on each image are complex, like _*"take this down unless there are these tags then move it to this other artist tag and if this other artist is involved in the image please change the tag to 'foo' unless the other artist is this person then ask them what they want done ..."_*
We still have to do the 'whatever you want done' by hand, but at least that way you can request the operations in a bunch.
And, usually if we see an artist hitting that '3 report limit' over and over we'll send them a PM asking if it's a set that they want handled.
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