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> It's a spambot. It picks random images, then posts two comments that usually make nonsense references to the .mov series, sprinkled with random G4 episode names. It then repeats the process for 10-15 images and disappears. But it always comes back a day or two later.
> They also do massive run-on posts listing the casts of entirely unrelated movies or shows. Like, listing every voice actor who ever appeared in Adventure Time and what episodes they were not in, on an image with Pinkie Pie.
ryan reynolds but why.gif

Like, you're not advertising something. You're (probably?) not trying to get the page search indexed so you can come back later and edit it into a scam link. If you're just trying to annoy the site's users/moderators, it seems like just gibberish or something inflammatory would be easier or better. Why make and run such a specific thing?

Assuming youit'res correct aboutlly it being a bot.
Reason: phrasing
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