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When you ask us to delete your own comment [it](https://derpibooru.org/pages/privacy) helps me to be able to see that it was your own comment, not someone else's, so I can just do what you asked withou asking why you want it done.

Or when you ask us to do something for you anonymously, [it](https://derpibooru.org/pages/privacy) makes it possible for some of staff to see who you are so we can do the thing you asked without others seeing who you are or knowing that you asked for it.

And [it](https://derpibooru.org/pages/privacy) helps you be logged on the next time you come to the site, and still be using the same filter, with the same preferences, or recover your password if you forget it.

And [it](https://derpibooru.org/pages/privacy) helps all of us when we can block a spammer or vandal or someone posting illegal content that none of us want here.
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