Deletion of welcomed roll-playing comment.

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OK, there is an anonymous user who posts roll playing comments in my NSFW comics. These generally sequel from the events that play out in my comics. I must emphasize that I never took any offense to them, in fact I encouraged him/her to do more as I found them hilarious and would sometimes adapt them into my next comic page.

Unfortunately, this morning I found that his latest post on my NSFW comic was deleted. The mod who deleted it wrote: Deletion reason: Rule #6: Take Roleplay to the Forums. Rule 6 concerns 'spam, off-topic, or general site abuse'. Neither of these categories can be applied to the deleted comment, as I directly encouraged him to post more of his/her roll-playing — as can be seen with my comment immediately preceding it.

@Wild Stallions
@Background Pony #8887
LOL I was wondering when you were going to show up. Your talking heads always make for great amusement and inspiration. Though I'm more curious as to what Cadance, Twilight and Shining intended to do with that porno… O_O

To the mods, I hereby request that the deletion of this comment be reversed… I wanna see his/her latest hilarious Roll Playing comment!
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