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derpibooru's badges

Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!
Thread Starter - Five Nights at Freddy's thread
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - 10+ uploads with over 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012
Fine Arts - Two hundred uploads with a score of over a hundred (Safe/Suggestive)

The Anti-Normies
So I literally just returned after an eternity and saw I have this black wing badge, it is not in the "badge descriptions" thread, what it is?
Posted Report
Badger - Mushroom Mushroom!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
The Power of Love - Given to a publicly verified artist with an image under their artist’s tag that has reached 1000 upvotes
Dream Come True! - Participated in the MLP 9th Anniversary Event
An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
Wallet After Summer Sale -
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)
Hard Work - Merited Perfect Pony Plot Provider badge with only their own art
A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary
Birthday Cake - Celebrated MLP's 7th birthday

1/2 good luck

01 AlanDSSparkleAn Artist Who Rocks, Best Artist
02 AugustBebelA Really Hyper Artist, Magnificence: questionable/explicit, safe/suggestive
03 BumpyWishA Really Hyper Artist, Magnificence: questionable/explicit, safe/suggestive
04 Crazy WaterA Really Classy Artist, The Power of Love, Hard Work / Perfect Pony Plot Provider
05 HevityAn Artist Who Rocks, Hard Work / Perfect Pony Plot Provider
06 Kapusta123An Artist Who Rocks, Hard Work / Perfect Pony Plot Provider
07 LiaAqilaChaotic Little Trees, Da Magicks! / Fine Arts, Best Artist
08 meowcepheiHard Work / Perfect Pony Plot Provider, Best Artist
09 rikka_tanAn Artist Who Rocks, Best Artist
10 silver_foxAn Artist Who Rocks, Hard Work
11 SparklyOn3A Really Classy Artist, The Power of Love, Hard Work / Perfect Pony Plot Provider
12 swaybatA Really Hyper Artist, The Power of Love
13 synkosiumThe Power of Love, Hard Work / Perfect Pony Plot Provider
14 TopZeebAn Artist Who Rocks, Best Artist
15 xSatanielxThe Power of Love, Magnificence: questionable/explicit, safe/suggestive
16 ZukzAn Artist Who Rocks, Hard Work / Perfect Pony Plot Provider

17 BeardieChaotic Little Trees
18 GmaplayChaotic Little Trees
19 MagnaLunaChaotic Little Trees

20 AndelaiA Really Hyper Artist
21 BurgerkissA Really Hyper Artist
22 JedaySkayVokerA Really Hyper Artist
23 PaperDropA Really Hyper Artist
24 Pencil boltA Really Hyper Artist
25 Rinny7A Really Hyper Artist
26 saturdaymorningprojA Really Hyper Artist
27 SlamjamA Really Hyper Artist
28 Steamy_PhenioxA Really Hyper Artist
29 TenenbrisA Really Hyper Artist

30 aaaaaaaaaaaTheBapA Really Classy Artist
31 Argos09A Really Classy Artist
32 AshtoneerA Really Classy Artist
33 ChazmazdaA Really Classy Artist
34 CipherWaveA Really Classy Artist
35 CloufyA Really Classy Artist
36 Creativepony7A Really Classy Artist
37 drafthoofA Really Classy Artist
38 fajnyziomalA Really Classy Artist
39 FoxxyA Really Classy Artist
40 FutakuA Really Classy Artist
41 MarianokunA Really Classy Artist
42 mayorlightA Really Classy Artist
43 oldskullkidA Really Classy Artist
44 PegamuttA Really Classy Artist
45 pegaskoA Really Classy Artist
46 Prince-DamlanilA Really Classy Artist
47 SenthaurekmernA Really Classy Artist
48 symptom99A Really Classy Artist
49 Woon FlivverA Really Classy Artist
50 WWRedGraveA Really Classy Artist
51 ZobaA Really Classy Artist
52 ☬ lincolnbrewsterfan ☬A Really Classy Artist

53 alexi148An Artist Who Rocks
54 andrevusAn Artist Who Rocks
55 anykoeAn Artist Who Rocks
56 Arcane ThunderAn Artist Who Rocks
57 ASPAn Artist Who Rocks
58 Background BassetAn Artist Who Rocks
59 blitzyflairAn Artist Who Rocks
60 bloodymrrAn Artist Who Rocks
61 Brothresgreen_An Artist Who Rocks
62 CactusCowboyDanAn Artist Who Rocks
63 Ch ChauAn Artist Who Rocks
64 CSAn Artist Who Rocks
65 d.w.h.cnAn Artist Who Rocks
66 DicemareAn Artist Who Rocks
67 EqumoriaAn Artist Who Rocks
68 eyeburn101An Artist Who Rocks
69 EzralightAn Artist Who Rocks
70 flufflepimpAn Artist Who Rocks
71 FrickItClawAn Artist Who Rocks
72 grypherAn Artist Who Rocks
73 GTSdevAn Artist Who Rocks
74 haokanAn Artist Who Rocks
75 Hellblazer911An Artist Who Rocks
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