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perhaps ratings or other extremely common tags as well. Or not. Whatever works
Other ratings or tags (those which aren’t hidden by default), are still for the majority filled with actual art. Look at pretty much any image listing, and you know that when summed up all together hours have been spent to create all of that. Compared to dozens of youtube captions and tv memes, which have a combined total effort of maybe 5 minutes.
Personally I’d just hide it by default and be done with it. The only people who would care about that checkbox are the ones interested in the crappy memes in the first place. Let them have to go to Settings every time they want to toggle, whine about why they can’t get a checkbox etc. It’s not like we had to tag their stupid memes all the time.
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I kind of like “easy meme” myself. Is easy (…) to remember and to the point.
That actually sounds pretty good, and leads me to another question: when OP doesn’t tag his upload of whatever the latest trend in memes is, would we still have to go and find out what the obscure meme tag is this time? Because if it were up to me, I’d just tag easy meme so that I don’t see it anymore, and let the people who are actually interested in these crappy memes figure out the exact tag*.  
*=to be honest I’d be surprised if they did that last part, but since I wouldn’t see them anymore, I don’t give a shit.
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Other ratings or tags (those which aren’t hidden by default), are still for the majority filled with actual art. […]
You missed my point; I was getting at maybe having that as more a convenience thing than anything. Art or not was irrelevant to the ratings part in regards to the checkbox feature. But you’re right.
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We will be putting up a poll on this subject sometime this weekend, so expect to be yelling at us soon.
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I agree with adding an “exploitable meme” tag and making it hidden by default, but I disagree with hiding also the “meme” tag. There are genuine art pieces out there - including some of my own works - that have this tag added as well. If we could somehow differentiate between such meme-including art and your usual everyday shitposts, then I would have no problem with it.
Also, I would really appreciate if the stuff where the whole point of the picture is to take an image and slap some text onto it was at least given a uniform tag, if not outright spoilered or hidden by default. “Text Edit” or something could work. There is an annoying abundance of these as well.
EDIT: Damn, I posted in the wrong thread…
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“meme” on it’s own wouldn’t be touched; it’s way to broad and covers a lot of legit art.
And ‘obligatory pony’ might cover that, if what you mean is things like “x confessions” or whatever. Honestly not sure if it’s actually applied to those things, though.
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