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“++” has been converted to ____ as in the comments of >>186872 talking about C++ (now “C____”). I think I understand how this happened (with Textile’s syntax for “inserted text” being converted to Markdown underlines) but I think this should be considered a bug if the goal is to preserve old text.
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Lincoln Brewster time
Oooh, nice. The syntax reference has been updated too!

Edit: You should make it give the _primary_ syntax for italics, though.

Edit 2:
Testing: - | ^-^
Testing: ^-^ | \^-\^

Edit 3: (line break test)

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Escapes work \o/
Line 2
Line 3
Escapes work \\o/```

Multi-line code blocks are a little hungry, though.

Edit 4: Fixed line spacing. I think the line breaks issue has regressed because it's back to scrunching my paragraphs together.
7 months later but nice :)
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