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I found it in my password manager. Thank you for making a site with long-lived login cookies so that I totally forgot how the account creation and login work.

Here's my initial feedback (I hope I'm not repeating too much from other users or your bug board):

• The red theme looks even better than the dark theme. Is this a Philomena special or has it been enabled in the Rails app and I just never tried it?
• Is there a setting for sorting comments in chronological order? I had it set that way on the Rails app and the reverse chronology of the comments here is confusing.
• Greasemonkey made it easy to enable my user scripts on Philomena. If anyone else wonders where all their userscripts went, be sure to add @`*@` to your user includes on the scripts you want to turn on. Likewise, if you use the Shut Up add-on and enjoy the discussions here, be sure to turn it off for Philomena as well. (Ok, this wasn't really feedback for you)
• Where did my up and down vote ponies go?  
• I'm not 100% sure if this is true but I don't want to spam test comments on irrelevant images to check for myself, but I think that Philomena does a full-page refresh when I add a comment instead of an AJAX call.
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