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The ordering of filters in the select element popup for filters has changed. On the live site, the optgroups listed are in the order ["Your Filters", "Recent Filters"], while on philomena, the ordering is ["Recent Filters", "Your Filters"]. A minor thing, but its screwing with my muscle memory.

Even more minor is that the text in the select element popup for filters on the live site is monospaced, while the text on philomena is proportional. [/bq]

I didn't see anyone respond to this (or my bug report[s]) so I'd just like to bring this up again.

That change seems _*really_* weird, considering the _*My Filter_* is the one I use the most, whilst most of the "recent filters" are ones I've literally never touched in my life.
Edit: Oh. It was fixed? Never mind then... ![full](//
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