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Some things here...

- The ability where you logged out from the site, it will takes you back to the homepage with a green bar warning that says "Signed out successfully." is missing. Currently, when logged out, it takes you back to the log-in page, which is kinda annoying, seeing you don't want to fill and sign in again when logged out, that ability must be implemented here now.

- Apparently, I've got a session time-out in a very short minutes everytime when I left this idle while being logged in as I check some other sites, can y'all extended the time? Do you know how long of the logged-in session timeout last in the old software that previously powered the site before? Would be cool if you also carryout that into the new software.

- When you get a session timeout, the bar warning that says something like "Your session has timed out. Please log-in again to continue" is missing, this is another annoying thing, because being timed out in a session without the site telling you is clearly sucks, can y'all fix that?

- Any Private Browsing compatibility? Because I don't want to mess up the history when I started up on any internet browser platform (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc), I want to keep them hidden forever when starting up a browsing session. I'm just asking because I want to stay logged in here by a long period of time with Private Browsing is on, making it idle there while checking out the other sites.

- The automatic comment pop-up ability is missing when posting a comment on images, instead, you get a page browser reload instead, which is something you don't really want to wait, right?
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