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Philomena open beta / breaking API changes

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Extremely minor, but it no longer shows "WebM" over the WebM images on search to differentiate it from gifs.

Philomena Contributor

There's some minor differences in CSS (decreased row heights on forums, for example), but nothing major. lol
Ignoring some minor CSS problems, the three biggest things I've noticed are:

I'd like to know what the breakages are. To my knowledge the CSS is a straight copy from booru-on-rails, so this means I likely bungled the markup structure.

Philomena appears to show new uploads immediately on the front page, unlike the old software which hides new images for 2-3 minutes.

Edit: welp, next/prev buttons are broken.

Edit: Philomena sorts badges differently! Panic!

Image tooltips are missing, so can't see directly their tags.

"History" buttons no longer show edit counts
All fixed

Artist profiles are missing the "Recent artwork" section.

Tags without a detailed description suddenly show the "Toggle detailed description" button.

Searches and tag pages don't display the "Searching for x"/"Images tagged x" text next to the page navigation buttons anymore.
All fixed
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I clicked "Last" while searching a term, and instead it took me to page 10 of the newest posted images.
Background Pony #AF11
Actually, just clicking "Next" already took me out of the search and back to the newest gallery
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A couple things I noticed:

- The filter selector at the top of the site is not sorted and it's sections are reversed

- On my phone, the drop-down to add an image to a gallery goes off the left side of the screen:

- Removing an image from a gallery using that drop-down doesn't seem to work

- The "first_seen_at" search filter doesn't seem to be working right. A search of " day ago" gives no results and a search of " days ago" gives the same number of results as " days ago" on the current site. It seems like it's searching a day less than it should be?
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if you search it it works fine but it has the search q= or whatever in the url
that tag duplication glitch was something… "twilight sparkle" popped up 8 times… but does indeed seem fixed now
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yay(){ yay|yay & };yay
I'd like to know what the breakages are. To my knowledge the CSS is a straight copy from booru-on-rails, so this means I likely bungled the markup structure.

Oh, alright then. In that case, here's what I noticed (Default theme):
- The placeholder "Search" text of the search bar suddenly is a dark gray instead of the usual light blue-white-ish.
- Every single element on the entire site has an added line-height: 1.15 rule inherited from…
@/! normalize-scss | MIT/GPLv2 License | /
html {
line-height: 1.15;
-ms-text-size-adjust: 100%;
-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%

…here in the default.css that makes everything look a bit squished together compared to before.
- media-boxes on profile pages (Recent artwork/uploads/favourites) are bigger (232x254 for me instead of the old 150x172) and there's now 6 instead of 5, which may have been an intended change, but now makes everything very big and displayed in two lines. (Or is that a setting somewhere?)

- "Watched by x users" is missing under artist links on profile pages.
- "Posts: x" is missing under avatars in forum posts.
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I found it in my password manager. Thank you for making a site with long-lived login cookies so that I totally forgot how the account creation and login work.

Here's my initial feedback (I hope I'm not repeating too much from other users or your bug board):

• The red theme looks even better than the dark theme. Is this a Philomena special or has it been enabled in the Rails app and I just never tried it?
• Is there a setting for sorting comments in chronological order? I had it set that way on the Rails app and the reverse chronology of the comments here is confusing.
• Greasemonkey made it easy to enable my user scripts on Philomena. If anyone else wonders where all their userscripts went, be sure to add* to your user includes on the scripts you want to turn on. Likewise, if you use the Shut Up add-on and enjoy the discussions here, be sure to turn it off for Philomena as well. (Ok, this wasn't really feedback for you)
• Where did my up and down vote ponies go?
• I'm not 100% sure if this is true but I don't want to spam test comments on irrelevant images to check for myself, but I think that Philomena does a full-page refresh when I add a comment instead of an AJAX call.
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What's the new API for reading a tag's metadata? Right now I use and read the tag dictionary from the JSON.

I was guessing something like: or

But both of those returned a 404 with "Not Found" as the content.
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The Embodiment of Rage
I'm not sure if missing features implies general missing features but the random image button in tag search is missing:

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