Poll on hiding exploitable memes

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Also, an argument could be made that hiding stuff by default encourages people to learn about the filter settings - something which is undeniably good for the site.
Wouldn’t that be the other way around? The only way that anybody seems to learn about the filters is by adding stuff to their list.
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I’m assuming the sort of people who refuse to learn how to filter stuff they don’t like and complain whenever it gets posted would also be the sort of people who love looking at memes. I’m probably wrong though.
I think anyone who is looking for default-filtered content will be able to find it if they’re determined enough, especially once the admins implement the ability to disable filters without logging in.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to hide the Exploitable Meme tag because most of the internet is made up of memes. Others being Porn and such and such. And cats.
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If we hide the memes then there’ll be more room for porn and cats… and cat porn. This seems like a good plan.

But it would be a good idea to spoiler it like Heroine Addict said. Hiding it won’t do very good against the internet.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Spoilering seems like kind of not an option. The problem isn’t that people are offended by memes and would rather their eyes not fall upon the filth. The problem is that it’s clutter and makes it more difficult to find what people are looking for. Spoilering it would change the clutter of memes to a clutter of spoiler images, which solves no problem either of the sides of argument has.
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Oh, so it’s more of a “not putting them on the same level” kind of thing. I can understand that. Still, I don’t think spoilering/hiding is about “how offensive it is” as much as “how easily visible people want it”. After all, spoilers and fluffy ponies aren’t exactly like sexual or grim pictures either.
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There are 2 issues with that:  
  1. Meme are getting created much more frequently, and so are meme spams. New users may not stick around long enough to figure out that there’s filter.  
  2. Many artists are not happy that their artwork are getting buried by memes. We already lost tons of artist, the last thing we need is scaring away more.
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I have a lot of these filtered out in my settings:
awesome cutie mark, chickun, conspiracy lyra, make it happen, nature is so fascinating, this is beautiful, tv meme, twiscream, wut if gummy wuz a meme
Basically every time I get overly annoyed by a new one, I add it to the list. Would definitely love to see these hidden by default.
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The unfortunate fact is that though we’d like show/hide toggles working for every tag and simple tracking of filter settings even for unregistered users, things that sound simple to implement may not necessarily be so, and more relevantly no matter how simple they are they still take devtime, of which we don’t have a lot to go around. These are things we have queued up as features to add but we don’t have them yet and we can’t really accurately say when we will - we’re quite open about this malarkey being a stopgap measure, and once we’ve got a better implementation of filtering that lets us do these things, all the default settings are going to be reexamined.
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