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Site Development Notification and Feedback Thread

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25MB is the biggest file size a user can upload, AFAIK.
It was shown that the site may, in the process of resizing and re-encoding files (especially videos which were originally highly optimized), automatically generate files that wind up even larger to serve back to viewers, but that’s more an undesirable accident.
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I’ve just run into one of those captcha today but this time the challenge was integrated into a custom derpibooru designed page that even took into account our chosen theme instead of the default cloudflare protection page.
It’s a little thing but I liked it better for the times when challenges are necessary so I thought I should go give a good feedback about that.

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I just found an interesting glitch on this image: >>805882
The bottom 4 of the 5 links to see PonyPon’s reply are glitched. The 1st one brings up no reply and just adds “#comment_54c2fa866368726ba983010……Oh” to the URL. The bottom 3 add a duplicate of the entire webpage into the middle of the comment section. And you can click those 3 links in the duplicate to add another duplicate and repeat the process to infinitely add more duplicates.
I think it might have something to do with either that person’s name not being PonyPon anymore or the link in those 3 being to an image that was overwritten.
I wonder if this glitch was always there or came about because of the website being rewritten.
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We do not redirect, and browsers recognize the two as different sites. This is intentional to allow for people to easily use multiple accounts easily for legitimate purposes and to help get around a certain country’s absurd blocking rules.
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I noticed that the “fetch” button is disabled until a image url is in the input bar. Can this be done for the upload button as well for ratings?
In other words, disable the upload button, with a message “ADD IMAGE RATING” next to it until a rating tag is added? Currently, missing a rating results in me having to refetch the image, or find it again in my browser which is rather annoying if the connection was slow.
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