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[Userscript resource] Unified Userscript UI Utility -- User settings made simple

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I love writing userscripts for Derpibooru, but one thing I always have trouble with is implementing user-changeable settings in my scripts. Despite my desire to give users more flexibility in how my scripts are run, it’s a hassle to create, style, and find a place to insert the input elements, to bind event listeners to those inputs, and to manage how they are kept in local storage.
Which is the reason I wrote this utility script, and I’m posting it here in the hope that some of you will find it useful too.
What is it?  
Unified Userscript UI Utility, or Derpi4U, allows you to add user settings that could be easily accessed and persists across script updates. All the settings registered with the script could be accessed on Derpibooru’s Settings page, under the new ‘Userscript’ tab created by Derpi4U. This give the users a central location to access their various script settings, while also prevent cluttering of the site UI.
How do I use it?  
For detailed information on how to get started, visit the GitHub page.  
To see examples of real-life usage, Derpi4U is used by Derpibooru Comment Enhancements and WebM Volume Toggle.  
And if you have any further question concerning the script and its usage, I would be happy to help you with them.
(I know how pretentious the name is, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to banepost. So it’s either UUUU or something terribly vague and generic.)
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Nice! Way back (way, way back) I used a self-written one that also had some options to save things (I don’t use these parts anymore, since most of what it did is now in the site itself) but it was ugly as hell. It just added some divs to the (then single-page) Settings page. I think to this very day there’s still some leftover settings cluttering up my LocalStorage, but I’m too lazy to clean it up.
Starred the repo though, perhaps I’ll use it to finally publish the one userscript that enables one of the April Fools modes or something.
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