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Celestia’s greatest power is not her magic. In fact she is secretly actually weaker than her sister and Twilight will eventually be more powerful than Celestia.
And she isn’t even the kindest, or the bravest or the most loyal.
No her greatest power is getting others to fullfill certain destinies. She knows who to entrust with resposabilities. She also is able to predict others’ actions quite well.
She knows who she can trust to fulfill certain tasks… in the long run at least.
Her greatest strength is being a psycologist, a strategist and even a seer. Not 100% of course.
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Twilight has both gut fermentation syndrome and urinary auto-brewery syndrome.
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Glimmy is best pony
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Well, you can’t see it, but the only way you can tell Starlight and Moonlight apart is by their cutie marks. They both look similar, except Moonlight has a shining crescent moon instead of a shining four-pointed star. Though when they were still blank flanks, there was no telling who was who.
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Yep, Sparity is overrated anyway, Rarity is yours now, and Spike has the main girlfriend Twilight Sparkle from the beginning, what a lucky bastard who did not realize how lucky he is!!
Ps: Starlight does not care for Spike in my view, they remains platonic friends.
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Raven Inkwell used to be a Royal Guard… Until she took a arrow to her hind leg.
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