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Here we go kiddies live and in color. The end DWM. Popcorn? …Oh well more for me.
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Well stressed, friend!
Also, he is like.. the n° 1 supporter of this girl, a “sock-sucker” (a phrase in spanish [chupa medias], which is used for someone who obeys, agrees and follows everything someone else says or does). And this girl had this “happen” to her blog, and almost instantaneously too to this guy?
Bullshittery of the highest grade.
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Way early this morning, by which I mean Europe morning, people reblogging things could have posts that weren’t theirs appear on their dashboard. However they were posts people couldn’t delete at all. This only happened to people actively using the site.
AFAIK the posts were undeletable by users and Tumblr itself wiped the bogus posts.
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@And Brother I Hurt People  
Sadly even the most decent person can change in a flash.
I had a friend I use to talk to in the 2nd grade, long story short he turned into a complete asshole.
But anyway like you said and I’ve been saying what she’s doing isn’t bad, Rape is a serious issue BUT the way she’s doing it is not good at all, attacking a random blog wont solve or help anybody and what her and her followers need to understand is there are better way’s to tackle a problem, and one of which is not this or calling anyone who doesn’t agree with you an Asshole because that’s just telling theme your intensions are just to troll.
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