Down with Molestia


Maybe it is time to generalize to all fandoms:
Guy who works on Dr. Who can no longer talk about it on the internet, because they’ve been getting too many death threats from crazy (tumblr-feminist) fans.
Thank the internet and a generation of spoiled special little snowflakes who are used to getting everything they demand. Even Star Trek fans weren’t this weird.
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Chrysalis as a mouthpiece against rape? Bar Molestia, isn’t Chrysalis pretty much Little Miss Imma Rape You in the fandom?
They raged at Neil Gaimen because the Doctor wasn’t a woman? This angers me.
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>rape culture
Just gonna sound off on this. There is no rape culture here. Rape is one of the most heinous and reviled crimes we have.
In fact, it is an inexcusable crime in western civ, almost uniquely.
There are plenty of examples where felonious behavior can be justified in the culture at large, except rape.
If you want rape culture, go to the Congo
I get the shits whenever a SJW references the “rape culture” as if it were true.
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“Rape” doesn’t only mean that you punched a girl in the face and then fucked her while she fought you. This bizarre assumption that all rape is necessarily violent is part of the reason you don’t understand the problem. Yes, our culture has a problem with the glorification of violence, too, but a guy who decides to have sex with the girl who’s way too fucking drunk or high to be considered capable of informed consent doesn’t do it because he played a videogame where big burly men shot guns at each other. The person who quietly fingers a woman who’s passed out isn’t emulating Jack Bauer. There is a different aspect of our culture at work there.
The point is, rape is when someone who does not want to have sex or is not considered capable of reasonably consenting to sex has sex (irrespective of the exact legal definition of rape, which varies based on where you are, I’m sure we should all agree that if a person does not want to have sex, or they’re so out of it they’re not capable of remembering where they live, they should not have sex or be forced to have sex). This does not always have to involve violence or even overt coercion. It doesn’t have to involve the apparent rapist being an evil douche. Many aspects of our culture encourage this sort of behaviour or else excuse it after the fact. As previously described, the whole “hard to get” game trains men to believe that women who are saying no actually mean “maybe”, a problem which is exacerbated because sometimes they are playing this game and they do in fact mean “yes”. It’s a stupid game. We shouldn’t be playing it. It encourages men to be persistent and not take no for an answer and women not to be open about how they actually feel. The way that authority figures who discover they’ve got rapists on their hands will try and defend their rapists because they need them for the school sports team instead of shunning them because they’re fucking rapists while the actual rape victim gets pelted with abuse by her entire school should be good evidence that maybe our culture has a problem with rape. The way that the majority of rapes go unreported because victims are afraid they won’t be taken seriously should be good evidence we have a problem with rape. The way we casually laugh about people getting raped in prison should be good evidence we have a problem with rape. The way that we have such a hard time taking the idea of a woman raping a man seriously should be good evidence we have a problem with rape.
The rape culture is only one problem that plagues our society. It’s not the biggest problem. It’s a variable problem and in some places and parts of society it is far worse than others. It does indeed fall under the greater purview of “people being assholes”. It has some overlap with “people being violent”. But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored or that it doesn’t really exist, and that it is not worthwhile to target this problem specifically as well as trying to get people to be less assholey in general.
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1. The “Chrysalis mouthpice” wasn’t about rape culture but calling out cyber bulling that happened during the DWM debate (the artist admitted that both sides have cyber bullied) you can say what you will about weather Chrysalis is the best character to call out cyber bullies, but let me remind you that
Regardless of what you think of this site, personal attacks/ harassment against people with differing opinions is not cool.
is now a permanent addition to APM’s sidebar just below the Mature Audience warning.
2. It’s pretty clear that some of you don’t really know what the term “rape culture” means. So let me put it in clear words:  
When talking about “rape culture” in the west people are usually talking about on the the following phenomena:  
Victim blaming, slut shaming, virgin shaming and an almost reflexive stance some people have to defend the rapist and try to absolve him.  
The textbook case for “rape culture” is the Steubenville rape case. go look for it if you don’t remember what happened. There was a giant cover up and even once things came to light sources in the media lamented the ruined future of the rapists.
And no, rape culture is not a uniform thing we are all guilty of. Most people will never rape, it’s not in them those who do usually are bad people already. And as such most of us will try to protect the victims and prosecute rapists.  
Yet still this is a big enough problem, there are elements (and by that i mostly mean people) that do make our society safer for rapists and so much more dangerous for woman.
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If people want to discuss rape culture or whatever, it’d be really swell if you took it elsewhere. For starters, something not to do with the thing that was DWM, and especially not in the forum to discuss the show.
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I see that you guys are talking about it, and I don’t know if anyone has actually posted the link to Pinkie Pony’s “new” movement, but I’d like to clarify that it technically isn’t the revival of DWM. Technically being the keyword here.
Here it is. While I agree that this is a better idea than DWM, how she honestly expects there to be less rape jokes as a result of her movement is beyond me. We all know what’s going to happen. Her followers will start off kindly, meet the backlash of bronies who intentionally start making more rape jokes, followers get rabid, rabid bronies go full out rabies, and shit hits the fan from there on out. See, if she could discuss things like this civilly, hey, I could dig it, but we all know that it ain’t gonna happen on a place like the internet.
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@And Brother I Hurt People  
I can point to you on the point were things are going to explode:  
Our purpose will be to educate people on rape culture, encourage others to donate to charities like RAINN, provide a safe haven for victims in the fandom, encourage activism, police rape content, and gather an even larger following than Down with Molestia ever had.
Emphasis by me. How exactly can they “police rape content” exactly? From what we have seen so far the answer is most likely harassing and trying to take down artist who disagree with them. Just like DWM.
I also don’t expect her attempts to “educate people on rape culture” to be very successful. For some reason she don’t strikes me as someone with a strong grasp on Gender study. Problem is that her movement is going to turn into an MRA magnet, which in turn will turn her and her followers even more radical.
@The Smiling Pony  
The whole DWM thing is closely tied to the concept of rape culture, especially now that PP is claiming to go up against what she views as rape culture directly. personally i don’t thing the whole DWM thread should have been held in the show discussion forums but you guys allowed it so far, and you are the final arbitrator on these manners.
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Well stressed, friend!
Now instead of targeting JJ’s blog because of molestia and rape jokes, they are gonna target him because of rape jokes and rape culture.
Different wording, same application.
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The best thing would be to just ignore her. Really that is the only, last conclusion that comes to mind. Because another flame war wouldn’t accomplish anything.
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@Mad Black  
I am inclined to agree. Most of what she say she is going to do with this new movement isn’t any of our business, but if she and who ever choose to follow her dose try to attack artist for their art or “police” the fandom (for some reason i have a mental image of one of them going to /mlp/ and telling them to stop with rape jokes…), things might get ugly anyway.
Not sure, PP is trying to revive things. But it all depends on who still takes her seriously.
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Huh, one of the people that reblogged brought up a good point, all she’s doing is recreating the burned furs movement with ponies, and we all know how that went.
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