Episode - To Where and Back Again

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How many of you have seen the episode:  
“My Little Pony: FiM – To Where and Back Again”??
What do you think of the episode? Personally I liked it :)
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Badge Dragon
I liked it a lot actually, nice to put the focus on Trixie the secondaries. I’m not a huge fan of the new changeling design colors but moose Thorax is amazing. :3
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Aw, dude, You know I enjoyed it! I thought the new changeling colors were okay, but I’m assuming it’s going to take some time for everyone else to get used to it. Especially in the case of Thorax.
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Friends with Autism
Until then, it seemed changelings were not meant to benefit from the magic of friendship. It seemed that they were inherently evil, and that goodness would be to their weakness. The developments in Season 6 seem to nullify everything that the comics did before with the changelings – effectively booting those comics out of the canon. And I say that’s a good thing.
For a long time, I refused to read the comics – because of how the first story arc was written. I feel the artists made fun of the (possible) genocide of an innocent race of creatures. I don’t feel they cared any more about the kitties than the changelings themselves. For the life of me, I don’t understand how this could be accepted in a series that supposedly celebrates friendship.
Ironically – the reformed changelings have become the innocent race of creatures that the first comic arc seems to make fun of.
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