kerfuffle appreciation thread

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since she's been liked the most in the rainbow roadtrip speciel, it gave me an idea to make this thread.

please be aware of these rules before commenting your thoughts on her.
1) no hating on her, that goes to anyone who even hates her prosthetic limb.
2) please show how much like her, if she's your new waifu, please don't be shy of saying it.
3) this thread is mainly about Kerfuffle, you can talk about other characters in relation to her, yet don't go too far off this thread's topic.
4) yes, NSFW content is allowed, if it's either explicit or questionable, be sure to spoil it just in case if some of us here doesn't like it anyway.

once you've read the rules, have fun appreciating her, and as for the other two likable characters from the special: Petunia Petals and Torque Wrench, feel free to make threads for those as well.
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Oh yeah
definitely kerfuffle is amazing she is beautiful and very sexy if you allow me to say it
she is definitely my waifu 💗
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Kerfuffle is the best pony there is, no questions. My favorite character was Discord since he was introduced. Now, though, I can't help but turn around and finally change my mind on it.

Kerfuffle is just adorable, right from her introduction I was hooked. The way she introduced herself was enough itself. Being strong despite her disability, and being proud of her work despite lacking color to work with. She's shown some great integrity, as well as just being incredibly enthusiastic, seemingly always happy, and just plain adorable.

Her energetic and jubilant nature works perfectly for her especially with her cute accent.

(Well, everybody else in the town has that cute accent as well.)

So, I just love everything there is about Kerfuffle, she's pretty much the best thing there is.
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Such a beautiful design! I'm pleased to be the first person to draw her. X3

I saw a photo of her from the Rainbow Roadtrip book and just had to do it.

So happy to see she's got such a following so fast. ♡
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Nice to see my favorite girl from Rainbow Roadtrip got her own thread!

The way she laughs and her prosthetic limb just sold it for me.
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