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I like it! So first off, animation is kind of wonky but it's a decent job done. Some moments feel off sync but it does its best to catch up. It's made in Canada so I at least expect it to be second rate.

Now to the story. First of all, really cute pic in 3d of Haven and her daughters. We never saw filly Izzy unfortunately. Nice upbeat intro. The hoof holding thing is still a little weird but there are moments where Sunny uses her mouth like a traditional earth pony. Izzyballs. Pipp has one expensive phone. Izzy doing what an earth pony does later. Posey lives alone, like Fluttershy. Oh Argyle...I'm sure he's proud of Sunny and her friends. Heck even his lantern glowed a rainbow later. Zipp may not like it now, but if I know g4, she'll embrace her destiny soon enough. Hitch being his fabulous usual self. Did Izzy really literally put magic as her ingredient for her tart. Maybe Tirek would like that. I like the male stylist whoever he is. And Jazz too. Zipp actually makes a good point about the singing thing. Tempest agrees. Maybe the entire plot of Make Your Mark happened after Posey's bad day at the cinema. Whether Posey or Izzy started it is debatable. My suspicions on the crystals are more or less confirmed. Even a minor and I mean a really small quarrel could trigger The End. Which does brings me to Sunny's questions. Who made the crystals? And what happened? Speaking of magic food, the corruption of magic if what Izzy said is true, made it taste bad. Maybe she did literally put it inside. Posey *was* an earth pony supremacist confirmed. Well I hope she's happy now with her unique magic. The void... I think that might be *the* Limbo as shown in FIM. A disaster resolved quicker than the Crystal Empire Blizzard. Puts the royalty to shame. And cut to the Earth Pony magic thing. Well, I've nothing to say much since I was spoiled but it is what I think it is. I believe Zipp, it definitely did not exist in G4 or was super unnoticeable. I would say it's the former and that it didn't exist at all until this special. It's a new magic invented. And I'm quite satisfied with that. Yes, I think the earth ponies being ordinary is what makes them special so that's why I feel weird at first. Also, the tin can seagull has a name! :D

Also there's apparently a real alicorn after all. And she's the last one. Given Discord's role in g5, I suspect he might know her and even couldn't beat her somehow. Either way, I like it. It's off to a great start!

also, "take back what is hers"?
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