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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Grumpy and antisocial
If Misty does join the main cast (not confirmed, but at the same time not unconfirmed), I think she maybe she will inherit Fluttershy's social ineptitude and lack of courage and Twilight Sparkle's neuroticism... Which more or less would make her, like, Sci-Twi's counterpart. But, similarly to the rest of the Mane 5, there would be some twist in Misty's personality that would mirror her probable counterpart(s) in the Mane 6. For example: Both Rarity and Pipp are melodramatic, image-obsessed divas with a sweet, gentle and generous side that makes them lovable. But Rarity acts like a proper, prim lady (well, she tries), while Pipp tends to act more or less like a phoneaholic teenager (I'm not dissing any of them, just giving exemples).
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