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Some random thoughts since I finished chapter 2 yesterday...

I was always kinda lukewarm on Izzy, but she grew on me here. Fun but not totally unrestrained and has depth. She's still oddly obsessed with the fact that she's a unicorn (for example, "unicycling" and much of her behavior in the sleepover episode), but that's my only real gripe with her right now. Definitely my favorite character in these episodes.

Zipp I think fell the hardest for me. She's locked in a "playing detective" mode, and it got old after a couple episodes hearing constant "notes to self" over detective music, not to mention the mess that was Hoof Done It.

Opaline got a bit of depth in later episodes and are certainly working up to more with her, but she felt pretty one-dimensionally evil. She just about acknowledges she's evil.

The Traditional Unicorn Sleepover was my clear-cut favorite. Very cozy episode with parts that resonated personally with me. Very little of Pipp/phones/social media, baby hijinks, earth pony magic, or Zipp's aforementioned issue, all of which really dragged down the other episodes for me. Misty was kinda cute at times, but it felt a bit too blatant that she was up to no good and not just awkward. The lore dump was also pretty ugly, though I'm sure this has been beaten to death already. And despite my overall good feelings about the episode, I couldn't shake that it (and the others) feels less mature than FIM.

Ali-Conned was the worst of the bunch and possibly my least favorite pony media I've seen. The ponies of the town are just absolute idiots, and social media crap dripping over the whole thing.

All in all I didn't like these. My expectations were low going in, and I think those expectations were met. Trying to see some positives here though because I'm still a pony addict.
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