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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

Background Pony #C1B1
According to Opaline, it’s been 100 moons since she’s last seen Dragonfire. So probably more than 30 years.
Background Pony #7A99
@Background Pony #C1B1
What do you mean “A great Hitch episode”?! It was a terrible Hitch episode! He was OOC up until the part where he said “What am I doing? This isn’t me!”

Draconequues Lover
Ok so u only seen a few tyt as well.
My top 5 (for G5 as a whole):
  1. Misty
  2. Sunny Starscout
  3. Zipp Storm
  4. Sprout Cloverleaf
  5. Hitch Trailblazer
Well going of your list meaning as a whole/overall for g5. I can see your points sunny was great in the movie as she really drove the plot and is great in the comics. Sprout has quite a bit of character complexity but its hard to say whether he is reformed or not, and he hasn’t done anything since the movie. hitch is great a very well rounded character. If im going overall i probably wouldn’t put misty at top myself but she has her depth while also being a likeable character which i appreciate. And I like her mane design a bunch.
Wanna hear the reasonings for my list?
Artist -

The only two characters that did great in MyM ch2 was Zipp and Pipp. Objectively. The reason for this is they did what g5 majorly fails at. They do real inter-personal relationships. Something that even ANG failed at. It doesn’t help that Sunny’s father is dead, Izzy has no revealed relatives and Hitch has a grand mother but was only revealed in ancillary media.
Only the sisters had character building and it even involved their mother, Haven. Why wasn’t that applied to the rest of the cast? Sunny Hitch and Sprout have a treasure trove of experiences to explore since they grew up as kids together. Friendship goes through thick and thin. Where was that. Why is Izzy so lonely? Not explored. Even Sprout has a seemingly complex relationship with his mother, Phyllis. Completely side lined.
This is why g5 is lack luster. They’re squandering their time instead of using the earliest episodes to build strong foundations for their cast. I blame their writing team. They all act as if they have no life experiences to draw inspiration from. Or they just don’t give a fuck and treat the IP as a toy commercial.

Draconequues Lover
Ok the reason for my make your mark character placements were because
  1. Misty: misty manages to have plenty depth and still be likeable, she isn’t defined by one trait, she brings about genuine sympathy from me and I like her design a bunch.
  1. Zipp, I like how she was the mature one often times and the smart one of the group, her detective stuff was fun but it felt like she dropped in iq in like one or two episodes which kept her from being number 1.
  2. Hitch; Just like the movie, a well-rounded fun character. Who has a wholesome relationship with sparky.
  3. Sparky; fun character who im mostly putting here for the unlimited potential of his powers, if he ended up just being for merchandise purposes he won’t be here
  4. Opaline; her monologues and theatrics can be fun, provides some cool lore and I genuinely dislike her because of her treatment of misty. Which is good writing to make me loathe a baddie despite some cool factor.
    Overall g5 as a whole: 1) Hitch 2)Sunny 3)Sprout 4) Opaline 5)Zipp (p.s. Discord would be my top 1 g5 character but its not fair because he’s from g4)
             Whose your least favorite g5 characters?
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Kneel before Opaline!
No royalty this time. Or no involvement from Haven anyway.
  1. Celestia apparently was hiding something or really or unaware of true Earth Pony magic since she just mentioned what she think it is with the garden thing or strength.
  2. The Earth Ponies in g4 are really okay with otherwise not having powers and that is perhaps the cause of division when Big Mac finally grew trees out of everywhere. Or Lil’ Cheese, that bugger.
  3. Pony….stealing magic….Yeah it’s definitely Opaline. Twilight also almost called her name. Cozy only expelled magic. Sunset wants one specific magic. It has to be Opaline that caused this.
  4. Finally, this appeared to happen before Last Problem. So if somehow that was true and it can tie in somehow, what did we really see in The Last Problem???? Also she couldn’t have created the crystals twice after and before her grown up alicorn form. I believe they simply were lazy with the modelling since Opaline was closest to body type. Also, that proves Discord is an unreliable narrator or he went to the wrong universe or there’s some anomaly with time.
  5. “Unicorns/Alicorns are superior”, which is correct? She appears to immediately dismiss the unicorns the moment she ascended further. Unless she already was an alicorn. Who knows?
@Background Pony #CBDB
At best, they are setting up without intention a multiverse of madness with no way to their true homes. Freddy Spaghetti
At some point if we were to take in the comics, Sunny must have found out about the other heroes sooner or later.
Background Pony #486A
Personally I think the connection to G4 drags G5 down a bit. Like the lore isn’t bad and could be interesting, but the connection to Twilight and other G4 lore hurts it.
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Kneel before Opaline!
G5 comics adds another sin to Discord’s list, apparently, he created some death mirror with a misleading name where anybody who comes into contact will die at sea. Yep, he’s that vile.
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