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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Smiling Panzerfuchs 2.0
Think about it, I don’t think Opaline is a fire pony. Or the princess of fire. Opaline seems to me more like a form of Nightmare Moon. See her accessories.
The only things that I think suggest that Opaline is a quasi-corrupted version of herself are a.) the lack of blowing hair and … okay, actually just the blowing hair. But that could also be a G5 thing, since Twilight didn’t have flowing hair in her crystal message either. Neither did the matching size of her, as in the last problem.
And by the way, The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over hardly makes sense in my eyes. Because: it feels like a countercaricature of the unicorns in the G5 movie.
Yes, I understand Izzy’s desire to invite another unicorn. But how does Izzy actually know all these things about Bridlewood, even though the movie as such implies that Izzy is effectively an outcast of her kind. Or rather, some kind like Alphabittle. First, we see unicorns BEFORE the return of magic completely devoid of drive.
And while I like the movie and everything that comes after: it does seem rather odd. Unicorns are (let’s consider the Lack of magic) super superstitious. And less with energy. But apparently there are certain characters, like Izzy and Alphabittle, who maintain their “personality”.
Well, here’s my Shade on all that. Izzy knows all the rituals regarding a sleep-over. But who, besides herself, actually had the energy to do it? Except Izzy has tried over and over again to get unicorns to do it.
So to me, this MYM episode really only makes sense in that we presuppose that Izzy is hyper-interested in doing something like a unicorn sleep-over. Which would be entirely possible. Or we assume that Izzy (although it comes across in the movie that she apparently didn’t have any friends at all), just does her thing and suspects out of context that every other unicorn knows about it?
Hell, I love Izzy. She is my fav for G5. But sometimes I have the feeling that she either knows too much or actuall too little. Most about other unicorns. That’s why I have a very ambivalent opinion about The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over so far.
Presumably, Izzy knows everything about the social life of unicorns, but has never or hardly had the opportunity to practice it. That’s why she was so hyped because with Misty another unicorn appeared. But then, in my opinion, she would have been less likely to assume that Misty knows everything. Or at least not pretend it’s the most natural thing in the world.
Sorry, sorry. As I said, I am not against it! It just doesn’t feel quite right to me. I’m missing a certain … Finesse, if you want to put it that way. It feels kind of very imposed and abstruse to me, just like Izzy getting her scooter before she “fixes” Sunny’s lamp. I personally blame Hasbro for the fact that certain things seem forced in G5, as they were in part already in G4. That’s why: I’m warm with G5 and I like it a lot. I just really don’t like the reason why some things seem so forced, even though you could have done it differently with little effort. But as we all know. Toy selling is magic. ;-)
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Music Connoisseur
@Background Pony #808E
Yes and I will stick by this headcanon. If she was humanized, she would definitely wear loose clothing, wear a lot of bracelets, walk around without shoes and especially be into the whole healing crystals thing.
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Optimism (and ears) ftw!
I think the name “earth pony” is pretty bland compared to pegasus,unicorn and alicorn. We don’t call them sky ponies,magic/physic ponies or allponies.
I think they could have called them earthies or something
Background Pony #808E
I headcanon an EQG Izzy as a hippie, and she hates going to school. Not because school is hard for her, but because she has to wear shoes. Close-toed shoes. With socks!
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Zipp Dripp!
I saw the episode as a cross between Look Before You Sleep and Spongebob’s House Party. Here’s my take:
The Sleepover Traditions are more like guidelines than actual rules, but Izzy took them super seriously. Other unicorns found this off-putting. Izzy thought they were put off by her not following the traditions properly, and it created a feedback loop.
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Sunny dressing as Nightmare Moon.
No wonder why I’m drawn to her. The amount of bae is so great it’s collapsing on itself and making a black hole.
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birb bug horse
today’s tyt episode finally won me over on sunny as character. I always kinda considered her a generic character however it finally occurred to me that in universe she’s a history nerd and I can relate to that || I secretly binge watch old the great war youtube episodes || also she had the best costume luna fangirl ftw.
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