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Consider: misty and opaline duo song
Well, the last “Make Your Mark” episode suggested that Misty is starting to question whether working for Opaline was a good career move, so I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that. Unless it’s one of those duets where they’re each on their own and the camera alternates between them.
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The part with Sparky in today’s TYT reminded me of that episode of Ed Edd n Eddy where Ed eats in his sleep.
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How strong is Opaline?
She apparently beat Twilight Sparkle in a fight, which I’m guessing was when she (Opaline) was at full power.
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Did you see Opaline’s face at 03.15 in the episode? It was as if she recognized someone and was horrified by this. She then becomes enraged, and the green light around her indicates strong envy, so it is possible that she knows what it was she saw. It wasn’t just the magic, though she was honest when she declared it should be hers, this ran deeper. It is clear that she did not know beforehand about the Wishing Star and its mysterious connection with the Unity Crystals.
At least we know that the dragon fire is necessary to awaken her alicorn powers. Which had been sealed after Twilight defeated her (possibly along with the Mane 6 as suggested by IDW) and took away her magic. As the magic was released, Opaline was supposed to regain her magic - but her alicorn powers were sealed away. That is why Opaline needs powerful magic to break this seal.
Twilight knows her stuff, it must be said. There are many indications that Opaline did not have an important role when Equestria collapsed and the active magic was sealed, this can be proven in 03.15, which shows that she was not familiar with the matter surrounding the Wishing Star. When she saw the star, the Mane 5 and the Unity Crystals unite their magic - it was such a shock that she was completely shaken and then completely mad with rage. She recognized something! Was it the magic or something else?…
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1:30 when Opaline’s face appears in the episode, not 03:15. There are signs of shock on her.
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Sprout has developed an inferiority complex, because Sunny is an alicorn with a bunch of friends, and Hitch is the sheriff, who the whole town loves.
He misses the days when he could at least feel superior to Sunny, back when she was an outcast.
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I don’t think it is because Sparky’s fire is magical, powerful, etc. I think it is because she needs dragon fire to restore her powers since she is a fire alicorn. She needs to absorb fire but not just any fire. Otherwise she just can’t get her powers back normally. Misty can’t even do magic so there is no way she could cast a fire spell for Opaline.
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One entry in G5’s Wild Mass Guessing page on TV Tropes says that the tree the Mane Five planted in “Growing Pains” will become a new Tree of Harmony.
I LOVE this theory.
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What I keep coming back to is that by the end of G4, threats to Equestria just didn’t mean anything anymore. The only remaining way to establish something as a threat is if Twilight and her friends couldn’t beat it.
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An episode where Hitch and Sunny have to pretend to be husband and wife so Sunny can have one of her projects.
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