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Looks like Posey’s going to be the baddest b*tch in the west compare to her more cinnamon roll g1 counterpart. I like that. Plus it makes sense why she’s so mean. Hopefully we get to see more past gen ponies in MYM.
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Do you think more people are gonna watch the Make Your Mark special, or Kenobi?
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She’s more like Earth pony who could use Pegasus and Unicorn magic than a real alicorn. Earth pony magic doesn’t involve flying and straight up sorcery that’s for sure. For the dark magic thing, I may have a hunch. But it would be great for most people especially you if it wasn’t a character if you know who I’m thinking of.
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I watched the trailer and it seems like something even us could watch. G3 if anything doesn’t have dark magic or something so it did truly appealed to little girls. And besides we got comics for us.
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I don’t think I completely understand but, and also assuming Twilight did make the Crystal, it’s kind of extreme that any slight negative emotion would cause catastrophic consequences. Surely she understood from the final or rather second final battle that not every creature can get along? Its like she’s forcing utopia on them.
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If I have to guess, none. I think earth ponies won’t have any magical skills related to the magical stones. To me, it would be a good creative choice, because that way the writers are gonna rely on their own skills to give personality to the characters.
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Do not think it is dark magic, it is about corrupt magic that manifests itself through the envy and displeasure of the earth ponies. The hole in the trailer definitely looks like a portal to a second dimension, magical glimpses could be seen and there are many indications that Sunny had plunged down there, from where a rainbow - pony magic - came out. She and many others had not thought about what magic for the earth ponies really is, and may have thought the internal magic is essential for the earth ponies.
We know from G4 that the earth pony magic is much more than just internal magic, as we saw with the Pie siblings - but it was not as much vented as with the pegasi magic and unicorn magic. Here is a potential to learn more about the earth pony magic. The insurance companies in Maretime Bay are in for a bad time ahead.
“It’s like she’s forcing utopia on them.” Hard to say, but it’s clear that the magic in the G5 is not stable, and it must be emphasized that the earth ponies HAD NOT GOT MAGIC when the movie ended. Then it meant that the Unity Crystals have built-in errors. And it is also possible that something may be wrong with the active magic that may have led to the loss of magic in the forefront of the G5, while we know that there is almost nothing in the middle of Equestria from the G4 where Ponyville was located.
Maybe the non-ponies fled when Equestria collapsed because the magic had become unstable. And that may explain the chimera animals that can be seen in G5, they may have been exposed to uncontrolled magic that Discord in the IDW comics might prevent. We know he took the Unity Crystals with him to the ruins of Canterlot.
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Why is Sunny’s new voice-actress doing a high-pitched voice in MYM? She doesn’t sound like this in TYT.
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