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MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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Looking back I can at least say that they should have delayed Sparky’s birth but I guess they wanted to incorporate a token sidekick dragon and get it over with. Heck, he even has wings already too despite the mental age matching. It would be more meaningful that way than this.
I can give a in-universe explanation as to why he’s born this way and that does bring up a neat concept of him being a freak among the other dragons.
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Okay, I just rewatched the episode and I think there’s an in-universe explanation for Jazz’s rarely appearing ears. In some parts of the Mane Melody scene, you can see her from behind and her ears are down and it seems that in her they lie a tiny, tiny bit further back in her head (my eyesight isn’t that good, I can’t confirm it entirely). This could be some kind of quirk that Jazz has. Though it’s likely her ears actually vanish when she lowers her head (before the musical number).
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Somebody pointed out that the special felt too “girly”. I noticed that too, but I feel like that just makes Zipp’s frustration stand out more.
It looks like Zipp is the new deputy, which I’m absolutely thrilled about.
It isn’t like G4 was nine seasons of solid gold. In fact, G4 didn’t even hit its stride until halfway through Season One. I’d also say that A New Generation is better than both the 2017 movie and the pilot.
G5 already has better worldbuilding and continuity, and is in a much better position to capitalize on its potential. Follow-ups in G4 were such a crapshoot, so I’m genuinely impressed at how seamlessly the special fits in between the episodes.
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||Why did the Shadowy Alicorn wait for magic to come back? Wouldn’t it be easier to get the crystals with magic gone? Or perhaps she didn’t know where the other crystals were. ||
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Now that I’ve had more time to think back on the episode, they could’ve done a better job of portraying Hitch as sheriff. He could’ve just flat-out mentioned there weren’t currently any laws directly regarding magic, and he ought to have made a notable effort at keeping the peace rather than being evasive over the whole ordeal.
I also would’ve preferred Sunny being more wrapped up in the Maretime Bay Day preparations and ultimately breaking from her reverie once Zipp mentions the Unity Crystals, instead of being lackadaisical about the crystals and as directly dismissive of Zipp as she was.
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Could that unicorn next to the shadowy alicorn be her daughter? Like, Pipp and Zipp have a good queen as their mother and this unicorn has an evil queen as her mother.
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I think it’d be more accurate to compare MYM to the G4 pilot. Which imo the G4 pilot did a better job at making me more interested than MYM did.
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I knew it. I just knew that it would not have that much stuff. It definitely isn’t the Battle for Bikini Bottom of MLP.
Honestly I just want to see what mods people can make from it
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