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If I had to guess I’d say the devs were given a bunch of information around the lore and built that, not thinking that the game would be the initial introduction of the character. Part of me does hope that it was just some random thing the devs came up with and decided to give no explanation at all because it would be funny.
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I can now say I’ve re-watched ANG, TYT episodes 1-10, MYM and TYT episode 11. Some random thoughts:
  • So far, TYT episode 1 and MYM are the weak links of G5.
  • I found the emotional moments of ANG a lot more satisfying this time. I want to hug Sunny any time she’s by herself.
  • In ANG, the different groups hate each other for silly reasons based on misinformation. This is what was driving a lot of the humour, and also reinforced ANG’s message of “step outside your comfort zone and form your own opinion”. So I like how MYM follows up on this: Now Posey and the other ponies have actual first-hand experience to base opinions on, and her opinions are completely reasonable.
  • “How does this new development affect the average pony?” was a question G4 rarely, if ever, answered. So I appreciate that we got a special dedicated to that.
  • I also appreciate that these specials can revolve around any of The Mane Five, not just Sunny.
  • I also also like how Zipp being heir to the throne hasn’t completely disappeared.
  • Overall, my biggest issue with the special is that it’s just not witty the way ANG was.
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Izzy doesn’t have any formal education.
She doesn’t even know what a school is.
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  • Overall, my biggest issue with the special is that it’s just not witty the way ANG was.
I don’t mean this to rag on the special, but I don’t think it was trying to be witty, just more reestablish the set pieces to prepare for the actual series, whereas the movie was introducing all the new concepts in a way to gain its own footing. By this point, we already know a lot of about G5 and trying to repeat the movie would feel like a rehash and redudant. I take it that they’re really saving all the interesting ideas for the series proper.

I hope TYT increase their runtime at some point. They mostly manage to make it work, but I still think they would benefited more if it’s longer
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Here’s a theory about the Shadowy Alicorn (should I still hide her name?
She is Celestia and Luna’s aunt.
The primordial alicorn. She is like a Titan in Greek mythology. And she was scheming to finally rule Equestria.
What? If people can give insane theories about Luster Dawn being that pony then I can make this insane theory too.
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Izzy made a visor with night vision and X-ray vision.
I think she might be smarter than given credit for.
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I really enjoyed this short. Though I’m a little put-off by the high tech, and wish they could have made Zipp’s board and Izzy’s gift less sci-fi-ish.
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