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I hope the Make Your Mark series shows how magic evolved in Equestria. We know that Earth Ponies now officially have florakinesis! What could pegasi potentially do in G5? Stronger weather manipulation powers? And the unicorns? What can they do? They could do just about anything in G4, but now magic seems to have rules and is no longer something random!
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Personally I’m not sure Pegasi will get anything else other than flying. Unicorns are interesting since we know it’s possible their magic can grow beyond simply levitating things to casting actual spells.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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It’s probably too soon to say, but I lowkey want to say yes.
ANG came out swinging. TYT is hitting its stride. The reception of MYM was pretty lukewarm, but it doesn’t seem to have shaken the fandom’s confidence in G5.
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Just out of curiosity how would you feel if make your mark was Just released as episode 1 and at the same time as the rest of past 1
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WOAH guess im late to the party on this but dragons been gone for generations! What happened!?
If I had to guess, it’s probably related to whatever happened to the griffons, changelings, yaks, hippogriffs, Kirin, and all the rest.
I’ve always thought it would be hilarious if it turned out that they were still having healthy relations with each other, but had all left the ponies to their own devices after whatever caused the tribes to split up.
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I haven’t watched Make your Mark yet (because I have to find a website to watch it for free, I’m not into subscriptions), but if that’s gonna be the case with the new show, then I love it.
I think a scenario like this can be interesting from a creative point of view, because that concept can lead to either a unique dragon (apart from the baby dragon) or very very few dragons, and that can also lead to themes related to identity and race roots and, like a Guilty Gear song said, finding your own way.
As much as I liked dragons in G4 with episodes such as Gauntlet of Fire and Dragon Quest, I think a different approach will give G5 a breath of fresh air and also another feature to have its own identity as a franchise.

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Yeah they could just be in different parts of the world doing there own thing. Would make sense as the ponies didn’t explore the world due to possibility Specist reasons among other races as well besides just between different ponies. It will make sunny realize her mission to bring others together is bigger than she thought and set up a good plot for a long running series.
@Ring Team Yeah spoilers for make Your mark they offhandedly just say dragons have been gone for generations.

Well no, they didn’t say gone. It was said verbatim that “–dragons haven’t been seen in Equestria for generations.” Basically@DoctorWTF
is probably right with the idea that all the other species left the ponies to their own devices and didn’t want to deal with their drama.
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How likely is it that Izzy is revealed to be autistic?
Would Hasbro be willing to open that can of worms?
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@Background Pony #AFC6
Seeing as Scootaloo wasn’t formally confirmed to have an actual disability until a few episodes before the finale, and even then with the caveat “But fans are welcome to interpret things how they like”, I’m going to go with “not bloody likely”.
Granted, that may have had more to do with them not wanting to disappoint the fans who were hopeful to see her fly one day after seeing her struggle. Still, after all that I see no reason why the staff wouldn’t just play it safe and let Izzy be Izzy while the fans play armchair psychologist.
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