MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread

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I mean, you didn’t see all of it. There are still more issues to come. How can people come to that conclusion so quickly?
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I can do that, too. The series is terrible. Its animation is the worst. How can I tell? The special showed me that. Don’t even get me started on the writing (I am not being serious).
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That’s okay. I just seem to be the only one who liked the special, liked the new comics and will probably like the series.
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I like a few stuff of MLP comic in G4 - FLuttershy joining Darin Doo on an adventure, Spitfire being a sub and being terrible with kids and the origins stories of some of the villains such Chrysalis and the sirens. Then there Capper’s seasons 10 story line.
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Y’all can’t pretend there’s no reason why they separated or if there’s an alternative reason that’s rendered non-canon now.
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Though, I think people will say otherwise.
And tbf, Hasbro has a history of retconing stuff from the comic, Sombra’s reformation being one.
Even if it’s partially canon, I doubt it will last.
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