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That’s not impossible but why Misty? What’s different about her? She can’t just be some ordinary unicorn like all the other unicorns in the show. Wouldn’t it be more efficient if Opaline had a cult following of ponies from all three tribes? Dozens of ponies that either believed her story or was in it for some kind of personal gain to serve as her guards or spies? There’s a perspective that hasn’t been revealed yet.
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If Misty does join the main cast (not confirmed, but at the same time not unconfirmed), I think she maybe will inherit Fluttershy’s social ineptitude and lack of courage and Twilight Sparkle’s neuroticism… Which more or less would make her, like, Sci-Twi’s counterpart. But, similarly to the rest of the Mane 5, there would be some twist in Misty’s personality that would mirror her probable counterpart(s) in the Mane 6. For example: Both Rarity and Pipp are melodramatic, image-obsessed divas with a sweet, gentle and generous side that makes them lovable. But Rarity acts like a proper, prim lady (well, she tries), while Pipp tends to act more or less like a phoneaholic teenager (I’m not dissing any of them, just giving exemples).
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Okay, I really want Queen Haven’s song to be a full one that you can listen on Youtube cause that was really great, reminded me of Total Eclipse Of The Heart
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I personally think we do the new characters a disservice to compare them as counterparts to the old characters the student six started as discount versions of other characters as well and they grew into their own characters.
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@Background Pony #2ACF
Going Matpat in word form doesn’t help at all. Make a visual representation of a timeline without the minute details. I’m more interested in the timeline itself and not much the why.
I don’t think the timeline is realistic as long as the mess persists. Hasbro has made a mistake, they don’t have an overview manager who could coordinate the work between the G5 movie, TYT, MYM and the IDW comics, and much less the writers, because it seems in C2 that these worked separately and with little coordination. Too many logical short-circuits and insufficient plots with large gaps that even a child could detect. Moreover, it has been discovered that the writers - especially in the MYM team - only “cherry-picked” what is found in established lore from the G4. The IDW writers with the clear exception of the last one from G5 #5 which is the most lore-breaking that has been seen in a long time, have been more faithful to the G4 lore.
Equestria’s collapse is possibly referred to the IDW comics. So I think the matter surrounding the Unity Crystals is the matter for the MYM.
Opaline is no ordinary alicorn. She noted herself as one of several alicorns, as a “fire alicorn”. By looking at how big she is, it’s easy to see that she’s in “Luna mode”, which is not unattainable for unusually large regular ponies, this was seen in G4. And her size was no less when she appears in the G5 #2. She is only a head taller than Misty and that seemed to be the case against Fluttershy. Logically, that means she was an alicorn even back then. She called herself a unicorn, but that could be in disguise. Discord didn’t explain what happened since the ponykind split up, but it’s possible that it wasn’t just the unstable emotional magic that was the threat.
This gives room to insert the MYM stories from E2 and E6. Opaline’s introduction to the ponies was knowingly omitted, only that she had come into conflict with Twilight and lost her magic as a result. As a result of the conflict, the Unity Crystals arose, as Twilight gathered all magic - or more precisely the ability to use active magic - to prevent unstable magic from threatening the Ponykind and the rest of the world. In MYM it was seen that the magic is too dangerous.
Opaline’s choice of tactics in MYM suggests that she preferred to operate in secret to create the right circumstances for divide and rule, and even then she may have a following of loyalists not seen in MYM so far. In a MYM episode it was noted that when Sunny was an alicorn, the ponies instinctively reacted to her. So she can in post-S10 of G4 start an actual civil war between the conservative forces discovered with Neighsay in S8, and the liberal forces that support Twilight’s opening of Equestria. Maybe what Discord said; “then truly terrible things happened”.
In the end the Mane 6 won, and for this they needed the Unity Crystals to stop Opaline, possibly because they realized she was going to do something very fatal to all of them. From E2, a broken sentence suggests that Opaline would “open” something, which Twilight feared and thus wanted to communicate this to the Mane 5.
Is the information about the alicorn civilization from the royal sisters’ diary still valid? Because the clues point to a possible background around Opaline.
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Speaking of timeline; from the IDW G5 #2, Pinkie’s daughter/son li’l cheese was older than in the last episode of S9, so it must have happened up to 5 years after the end. There is a hint that an equestrian moon may be about half a year from our world, and think it is due to the moon’s movements between the sun and the planet Equus. So “several moons” might mean a couple of years at most.
  1. Opaline appeared after “the last problem” in S9, twenty years after Twilight was crowned as reigning princess.
  2. Opaline was defeated and stripped of her magic probably after one to two years of conflict between her and the Mane 6. The age of li’l cheese then suggests a period of between 2 and 5 years after “the last problem”, and up to 25 years after Twilight took over Equestria.
The cover of Discord holding the flower from Fluttershy suggests that she died of old age many years later. other IDW covers revealed that Twilight had the marks of old age on her, and thus must have ruled for many centuries. Discord who had become an old draconequus may have aged over time or become old as a result of a lack of magic.
I think a thousand years had passed between the coronation of Twilight and the start of G5. And Opaline may have been locked away all that time until between 100 and 200 years ago, when Equestria collapsed. Discord had suffered very grotesque injuries, someone had mutilated him. And it couldn’t be Opaline who was without magic back then.
But first, the writers need discipline.
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@The Crystal Artist
Ana Sani and Bahia Watson are in the cast of the current Strawberry Shortcake series, but I don’t know how popular it is. And them, alongside Rob Tinkler, were in Total DramaRama. And Athena Karkanis had roles in Wild Kratts and the original Total Drama series. Nothing big, but still somewhat popular.
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Some random thoughts since I finished chapter 2 yesterday…
I was always kinda lukewarm on Izzy, but she grew on me here. Fun but not totally unrestrained and has depth. She’s still oddly obsessed with the fact that she’s a unicorn (for example, “unicycling” and much of her behavior in the sleepover episode), but that’s my only real gripe with her right now. Definitely my favorite character in these episodes.
Zipp I think fell the hardest for me. She’s locked in a “playing detective” mode, and it got old after a couple episodes hearing constant “notes to self” over detective music, not to mention the mess that was Hoof Done It.
Opaline got a bit of depth in later episodes and are certainly working up to more with her, but she felt pretty one-dimensionally evil. She just about acknowledges she’s evil.
The Traditional Unicorn Sleepover was my clear-cut favorite. Very cozy episode with parts that resonated personally with me. Very little of Pipp/phones/social media, baby hijinks, earth pony magic, or Zipp’s aforementioned issue, all of which really dragged down the other episodes for me. Misty was kinda cute at times, but it felt a bit too blatant that she was up to no good and not just awkward. The lore dump was also pretty ugly, though I’m sure this has been beaten to death already. And despite my overall good feelings about the episode, I couldn’t shake that it (and the others) feels less mature than FIM.
Ali-Conned was the worst of the bunch and possibly my least favorite pony media I’ve seen. The ponies of the town are just absolute idiots, and social media crap dripping over the whole thing.
All in all I didn’t like these. My expectations were low going in, and I think those expectations were met. Trying to see some positives here though because I’m still a pony addict.
Background Pony #2ACF
@Background Pony #2ACF
Whatever gave you the idea Lil Cheese is older?
I know those shows.
Pinkie’s cannon.
Have looked a little closer at the cutie mark by Opaline; a bit indistinct, but looks like two wings of blue flames and a unicorn horn. Which is very interesting, because only Celestia and Luna have cutie marks that suggest extraordinary magical talents. This is probably a cutie mark only meant for alicorns - and most ponies get cutie marks when they are foals. So the information about “fire alicorn” is obviously not meant for a specific individual.
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Background Pony #E222
G5 could have been this, could have been that. G5 shouldn’t do this, shouldn’t do that. Some people are acting like season 1 from MLP FIM was a masterpiece.
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