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There will be
The IDW covers have so far been very unusually informative and inspiring even compared to MYM, TYT and the content of the many IDW comics. It was the covers from IDW that had in many ways explained to us what could have happened, not least considering the mysterious past of the G5. The cover of Discord with the flower from Fluttershy’s headdress is “a picture worth a thousand words”, which indirectly confirmed Fluttershy’s death and thus that the Mane 6 with the possible exception of Twilight have died. We had learned about Discord’s fate, Canterlot’s fate, the appearance of old Discord and so much more, and that the Discord Arc was not only about his return, but also whether the Mane 5 could take over the legacy of the Mane 6.
Here in this cover, there is possibly another hint that the dead don’t stay dead. IDW #10 shows that the cutie mark magic of the Mane 6 may not have disappeared with their demise. TYT has shown that it was a prediction about the Mane 5, which followed to the blanket that Argyle found and understood the meaning of this after Sunny’s birth. MYM has shown that Twilight had left behind a hologram in the Unity Crystals, which nevertheless came with a mysterious ending in the message, which is still unanswered. This and more suggest that death in Equestria is not as final as in our world. In most fictional worlds with magic as a central element, it has always been seen that the matter surrounding death is not so simple.
And Opaline had sort of indirectly confirmed that; the alicorns’ immortality - coupled with the fact that they never stop aging - must then mean that they will eventually ascend out of the mortal world. We saw examples of this in Kung Fu Panda, Po who had become the dragon master in China, had actually killed himself to take General Kai with him to the Spirit Realm. So when Po dies, he will ascend, just like Oogway in the first movie. And the Spirit Realm is the home of the dead and the immortals in the Kung Fu Panda universe.
The mysterious dimension that some call the Elysium, the elsewhere with all magic, may have been seen when Twilight became an alicorn - and that Sunny will probably go to. Elysium itself is interesting. Much of the world-building background in Equestria and the world sometimes called Equus is based on human mythology from ancient antiquity, and the pegasi have a distinct Greco-Roman background.
So the cover from IDW #11 tells us that there is an afterlife for the ponies. The way the cover is shaped means that it is part of the series of these “a picture worth a thousand words” from IDW. We already know what the action in the comic will be, the Mane 5 will find a monster in connection with a game that they then have to fight against, with Pipp in the lead role.
We should be looking forward to even more of these very telling covers! Alone on their own, they are as interesting as anything that comes from the G5.
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I think the marestream is the first magitek thing in G4-5. Zipp and Pipp made a huge invention.
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For what it’s worth: Back in “Friendship is Magic”, one of the Nightmare Night episodes featured ghosts, which implies at least speculation on the possibility of life after death.
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Unless you count Izzy pumping magic through her makeshift hang glider as magitek. And not much of what Zipp and Izzy actually did made it into the resulting aircraft - that was mostly the lantern’s magic. Though is this part of what holo-Twilight meant by magic becoming more powerful?
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Zipp FTW
Ancestor theories! Besides the M5 + their relatives
This is just a list of who I think some G5 ponies G4 ancestors are:
Sprout: Big Mac is a good theory but… I saw this G4 pony named “Moody Root” that I think looks more like him. So perhaps he could be Sprout’s ancestor
Dahlia: Either Coco Pommel, unlikely. Or more likely, those botanist ponies, Lilly(?) and
Rocky: At first I thought his ancestor could be Pound Cake but they don’t really have that much in common. Besides being tan pegasi. Maybe one of the wonderbolts or designer ponies
Jazz: Derpy is likely due to her name. Both end with “Hooves” But they don’t have that much in common. (Unless you count the ear situation being like Derpy’s eyes) At first I did think she looked a bit like Cupcake, so perhaps her ancestors are the cakes. But I guess the spa twins are also likely
Windy, Alphabittle, Onyx: No idea
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Taking Flight
We already had an episode called Sisters Take Flight. This will just cause confusion.
Zipp not realizing she’s talking to Izzy mid-flight shouldn’t work but it still got a chuckle. Pegasi are used to flying by now, it wouldn’t be strange to meet someone up there. But it would take a moment to process if someone who shouldn’t be up there is.
Posey! A shame this is her only appearance in the episode.
A Zipp and Izzy episode. I wonder if this covers every 1 on 1 combination of the Mane 5 now?
I was wondering if that tram was their flying van from the upcoming special. And it was…after the magic lantern transformed it. The thing was already way too toyetic, but we couldn’t even get the satisfaction of it being something they fixed up a la Izzy’s scooter.
Still it’s a tie-in to the upcoming special so neat.
“Mareston?” Like Houston? Well it’s been a while since I’ve had a Joker origin story.
Yeah this episode was boring. It’s kinda nice that we finally got an episode who’s conflict wasn’t Sparky causing trouble again. And I did like Zipp and Izzy’s playing off each other. But yeah this episode was mostly about shilling the latest toy and I’m not feeling it. About the biggest thing going for this one is that it sets up the Winter Special, and that has yet to be determined if it’s good.
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the song in the new tyt episode just throws me I know they sing “there’s nothing we can’t do” but I keep hearing “there’s nothing we can do”.
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Has Izzy and Zipp ever considered being mechanics or engineers? They would make a living repairing machinery for big bucks, no need for detective work or crafting.
I enjoyed this episode, got some much-needed interactions between Izzy and Zipp and they work well together. I still prefer Izzy and Pipp together and there should be episodes where they both interact more.
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Has Izzy and Zipp ever considered being mechanics or engineers? They would make a living repairing machinery for big bucks, no need for detective work or crafting.
I enjoyed this episode, got some much-needed interactions between Izzy and Zipp and they work well together. I still prefer Izzy and Pipp together and there should be episodes where they both interact more.
Magitek has existed for a long time in Equestria, as seen with the airships in the G4 were likely magically powered through the side wings only seen on the ponies’ airships. The other realms’ airships were steam-powered or wind-powered with propellers and sails. So the Marestream can be considered a continuation of this, although the magic allows it to fly. From what the episode shows, the vehicle has a combination of pegasi and unicorn magic that allows it to fly with a spell similar to the one Starlight Glimmer had used.
And when the Marestream was built, a new discovery was learned; Zipp and Izzy teamed up to rebuild the tram, had been so fired up by the effort that the magic in them “got out of control”, manifesting through the cutie marks and being transferred to the Prisbeam lantern. This confirmed that the lantern draws magic from the ponies, specifically Izzy. The Crystal Heart drew magic from the crystal ponies when it was freely given, to create a shield and prevent evil forces from forcing their way into the Crystal City in the G4. We see this principle around the Prisbeam lantern.
Zipp and Izzy knew what they wanted, and the magic - the magic of their talent - was essential to transform the tram into the vehicle they had imagined with the help of Izzy’s design and Zipp’s technical know-how. And here lies the great discovery, the magic behind the cutie marks is much more than just talent and identity.
In fact, all magical beings have a “foci” to use active magic outside their own body. By understanding that magic is layered, so that active magic can be stored and removed in a magical world, it is possible to realize the importance of foci for intelligent magical beings who must be able to manipulate magic. We now know that the ponies have internal magic that didn’t disappear when the active magic was gone, they just can’t use it because the foci were “turned off”. Twilight had made sure of that.
A mystery in G5 is why there is only one cutie mark on the ponies where there were two, but the TYT episode may have provided an important pointer towards this. Because ponies have more than just natural foci (horns, wings, hooves), their cutie marks are advanced focal points with magic channeled through them. This may be why the cutie marks glow depending on mood and focus. Izzy had the Prisbeam lantern made, thus unknowingly creating a connection between it and the magic of the Mane 5. I see this being emotionally determined, like when Sunny was happy, determined, or desperate, or when Izzy and Zipp had a good time during their work.
The ponies have dual receptivity unlike any other being on Equus to “chain” their own internal magic with active magic and can manipulate magic. That could be why Misty couldn’t use magic, she hadn’t gotten the cutie mark and since she grew up when magic was gone, her natural foci were disabled as well. This is possibly what had made the ponies the strongest magical people in the entire world.
Hologram-Twilight is right, magic has evolved and gotten stronger. Not only because of the Unity Crystal, but also because the ponies’ own magic had evolved as a natural continuation of evolution. But the problem of emotional instability has not yet been solved. Twilight until Equestria’s collapse may have seen this long before Sunny was born and realize magic is constantly evolving.
So the Cutie mark is far more important than thought. So important that this is central to MYM/TYT.
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Watching the new Wishday clips, I don’t see how those charades indicated his name.
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Zipp Dripp!
Just realized there’s a subtle bit of character development for Zipp. She had been avoiding Zephyr Heights, but now she likes the prospect of day trips there.
Well, Zipp is in Maretime Bay to figure out who she is, so it’s possible.
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Do you think Sunny and Grandma Figgy have met before, given how close Sunny and Hitch are?
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