Naming Background Ponies Thread!

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Humata, Hukhta, Hvarshta

Aqua Cascade wins by 6-5

Button Bounce wins by 7-4

Blueberry Fritter wins by 6-4

Riverstone wins by 8-5

Plum Blossom wins by 6-5

Glow Dust wins by 4-2

Concordia wins by 6-4

Pastel Prancer wins by 6-5

Grey Skies wins by 5-4

Desert Weave wins by 5-4

Pineapple Salsa wins by 6-3

Kindling Spirit wins by 7-4
#591, #592, #593

White: Nighting Gale and Inkblot tie by 5-5  
Cream: Laurel Rose and Scarlet Glory tie by 6-6  
Purple: Lavender Cherrytop and Lilac Custard tie by 5-5
Posted Report

Here is two ponies here a really cute purple and pink earth mare and a blue and orange pegasus mare.
Here is four unnamed ponies in this picture, the pink and red earth mare, the purple and yellow earth mare, the blue and orange unicorn mare, and blue earth mare
2 unnamed ponies behind Twilight here, a red, purple and blue mare, and a purple and orange mare.
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