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I really want to like Pipp. She’s adorable! But she has no characterization and a shallow personality. Why is she suddenly a hairdresser? She never showed interest in hairdressing before, and it was izzy who gave the unicorn makeovers. Also I bet she wouldn’t have befriended Izzy Sunny and Hitch if her concert continued well. She only went with them to avoid being arrested.
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Pipp. As Zipp’s sister, she has a particularly difficult time in the show. Still, she seems so glorious that I just have to like her. Ukay, she only had a few moments in the movie, and most of them cast a certain shadow on her.
But I personally think she’s perfect, love her very much (like all G5 main characters) and appreciate her very much for the way she brings comedy, life-issues and glamour together. She is so cute and smol and yet fabulous! I like her very much. More than that. She is a good media princess. So call me a pippsqueak. ;-)
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