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Rewrite an episode or a scene

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Pomegranates :P
Give Sombra minions that he can summon from his shroud as he encroaches the Empire. Make the Mane 6 desperately fight them off as Twilight and Spike try to retrieve the Crystal Heart.
Make Twilight spar(not kill) against Celestia in the Twilight Zone to prove her worth of possessing the Princess title. MMC.
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I’d also rewrite It’s About Time and turn it into a 2-part episode about a Twilight that came from a post-apocalyptic future to join the Mane 6 in order to prevent it from happening, the mane 6 would’ve to cross different eras in the past to get the strenght enough to defeat the future pony.
I was very disappointed that one of my favorite fiction themes that is Time Travelling was wasted on a comedic episode.
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The Bestia
Got another thing I would change.
Sombra would be a more threatening force and it would be explained he lost whatever personality he once had. Essentially he would be the Lich King from Adventure time. It would give much more justification to his lack of lines; he’s just pure mindless evil.
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Oh boy…Ok I have big one that I’m going to save for tomorrow but for now I would change or delete that Sweetie Belle funeral scene in Hearts and Hooves. Ever since that scene I have not been able to look at her without thinking of death.
Second I would change Read it and Weep. I hate the fact the Dash was hospitalized. I found it pretty grim and disturbing tbh. What’s more is the reason Dash began reading was because she was bored which leads me to believe that she doesn’t care all that much for her body to give it time to heal. It also shows that her flying can cause serious injury and yet she still puts herself at risk just to be cool. For some reason that just does not sit well with me and moreover I think sends a bad message to kids that being reckless and putting yourself in danger even when the consequences are hospitalization is cool. I think a better alternative would be Dash is out flying through a rainstorm and catches a cold and is laid up for a few days instead of something as serious as a broken wing and unconsciousness.
As an aside I love Daring Do, but because of the context with which she was introduced gives me mixed feelings about her as I associate her with injury.
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Watcher of the Watchmen
In fairness to the IDW writers, based on what I heard, that was always the intent.
If I had to rewrite Canterlot Wedding, I’d either have Celestia beat Chrysalis, or if I had to absolutely have Celestia be defeated, I’d have had Chrysalis blast Celestia before she had time to react. I can buy Celestia losing due to a supercharged sucker punch far more than I can her losing a Beam-o-war. The former shows fallibility. The latter undermines the character.
In Games Ponies Play I would either completely cut the idiot plot, or I’d have the heroes fail in their assigned task.

Griffon at large
I’d run Canterlot Wedding a little farther, some of which was already mentioned:
Twilight’s more concerned with the changes in Cadance than “losing” her big brother.
Celestia doesn’t dismiss Twilight’s fears but can’t prove anything.
Chrysalis has tapped not only Shining Armor but his back-up for the shield when he’s in the wedding. (Better security, still compromised.)
Celestia holds Chrysalis to a stand-still after the reveal, but before Luna and the Guard can intervene the rest of the changelings breach the sabotaged shield. Celestia can’t up her power without collateral damage and goes down.
Various Royal Guards go down keeping the Mane Six free.
Luna joins the final action, getting them all to the fight and taking on Chrysalis while the Mane Six get Cadance past the changelings to Shining Armor.
It’s still a near thing, though, but freeing Shining Armor distracts Chrysalis and lets Luna free Celestia. With that much opposition working together, Chrysalis and the changelings are “purged” and scattered to the far reaches of the world.
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Watcher of the Watchmen
My revised headcanon: during the Beam of War, Shining Armor’s Love lets Chrysalis manage against Celestia briefly, but when she starts losing, several hypnotized guards/bridesmaids/other shoot Celestia in the back, distracting her long enough to have Chrysalis overpower Celestia.
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The Fallen Brony
I posted this long ago on another forum, but here’s how I’d fix A Canterlot Wedding.
Alrighty, if we’re going to have to make it so that Cadence is the one that saves the day, let’s do it like so: The Mane Six reach the castle, get the elements (which means no surprise attack that suddenly makes the fight before seem pointless), then rush back to fight Chrysalis. However, much like the fight with Celestia, both parties get into a beam o’ war, with Chrysalis ultimately being the victor. Not because “the power of love was very strong!”, but because the bonds between the Mane Six weakened when the group ditched Twilight for the false Princess. I wouldn’t go as far as make it part of Chrysalis’ master plan because it seems she hadn’t planned anything past “take over Canterlot” if her reaction in beating Celestia is anything to prove. As Chrysalis gloats, Twilight weakly frees Cadence, she unbrainwashes Shining Armor, and then Chrysalis gloats on how everyone abandoned Twilight in her hour of need. Then cue Shining Armor beating her up, saying that it will never happen again and apologizes to Twilight. The others take turns to apologize to her, and soon, the Elements begin to glow, being restored to their power now that the bonds are truly reformed. However, despite Shining Armor now out of Chrysalis’ control, she still harnesses the love she absorbed from him and is still a powerful threat on ground. That is when Shining Armor gets the idea to knock her into the air with his shields, but he is unable to do it in the state he’s in. Cue the whole “my love will help you” and they create the shield. Then the girls use the EoH to enhance the shields and vaporize Chrysalis and her Changelings.
The ending proceeds normally, including that stupid as hell “Did I miss anything?” moment (though I could probably change that so that when the Mane Six arrive, both Luna and Spike get defeated by Chrysalis), though a change is that Celestia doesn’t delivered any half-assed moral, since the moral was said by Shining Armor. The wedding proceeds as normally.

Griffon at large
Luna saving the day? HOW ABOUT NO.
Not “saving the day,” just providing a timely assist. It’s still Cadance and Shining Armor, and without the Mane Six kicking flank across the room none of it would have worked. Everybody has a part to play, and Luna isn’t missing.
And then Luna nods off during the party, having interrupted her sleep to help.
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