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The problem with this is that “not-always-reliable” implies there are moments where he is actually reliable. Only times that actually happened when he lost his powers.

Ha someone did bring up to me how discord seemed at his most heroic and/or good in the natural sense instead of his own blue and orange morality of good, when he doesn’t have his magic. Its like all that power makes him arrogant. From giving the key to twilight, almost dying trying to make fluttershy comfortable to putting himself in harms way to save his friends.

Probably why I like characters like zephyr and discord who often get criticized, is that I know how hard it is to improve.
I guess or put him in a training program. I feel like 97% time the cast had discord learn stuff through trail and error more than being taught directly

If he thought doing what he did was OK as long as it all worked out in the end, then that’s the problem. He’s clearly not responsible enough to possess his vast powers.
To go back on this point, ironically the show proved that discord was right. Discord: Just think after defeating 3 baddies twilight will have to be believe that she is the leader that we all know she is. Twilight after Defeating the baddies… if u click on it youll go to the video with sound
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