Season 6 Episode Discussion [Speculation/Theories/Beware of Spoilers]

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I hope we get to see more of Rainbow Dad.
He talks about how he would have been in the Wonderbolts if it weren’t for his bad knee.
Yoga is boring

Yea, but weren’t those 3 colts who raced Rainbow Dash when she got her cutie mark like that towards Fluttershy the same way the dragons were like towards Spike. Why were the dragons so much worse?
Yoga is boring

It does make for a good premise however.  
S6 Ep. Idea:  
The Mane 6 throw a baby shower for Cadence so Shining and a few of his guy friends go on a wild, funny and heartwarming adventure together.  
Shining Armor as the straight laced stiff learning to have some fun
Big Mac as the strong silent type learning to find his voice
Spike the Dragon as the sarcastic wisecracker who learns to be honest with how he really feels
Flash Sentry as the lovestruck guy stuck between following his heart and not trying to step on any hooves by asking out his friend/boss’s sister.
And finally  
Soarin as the famous celebrity trying to deal with the pressures of fame.
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