Season 9 Discussion Thread [Warning: SPOILERS!!!!!]

Poison Trail
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One can hope, one can hope.

Pinkie going after another crisis of identity that will likely end up with her going back to the Rock Farm to brood, AGAIN and…. buckball, the sport that is somehow both popular and has non-athletic main characters as champions.
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First one sounds like it could be good just for the return of Cheese Sandwich, second one doesn’t sit well with me at all. It sounds like the lesson of the episode, and the rest of it will just be RD embarrassing herself and ruin everything, which almost everyone and their mother hates. But now this is happening in the last season so it’s significantly worse. I want to be wrong, a lot of her episodes have terrible synopses but turn out pretty good(Parental Glideance, Secrets And Pies, Grannies Gone Wild, to name a few) but this is giving me flashbacks of most of her worst S6 episodes
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Ouch. Those sound like the standard stuff I dont want for the last episodes.

Anyways, just saw Between Dark and Dawn since its airing tomorrow somewhere:

Great episode. Kinda crazy to see the sisters like this, but really fun. Lots of cameos, faces and just plain old fun. 9/10.

I'm gonna disagree. Her moving would feel like change purely for the sake of change. That isn't any better than keeping the status quo. And even their cutie marks show that they're meant to stick together. For the sake of continuity with that and with just how big of a role they play in a relatively important area it makes more sense in the overall story to have them stay together.
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Final CMC episode is go!
Finally! Someone got their CM offscreen and it showed up
Now we know why we didn't see these two earlier
Lofty is the pegasus, right? Because that's probably Scootaloo's side
Oh, that's why
The entire fandom: YES! YES!
So Skeedaddle was pointless
Where fears and horrors come true
And Scootaloo
They haven't been here since the G2 show
There goes a years worth
Apple Bloom doesn't pass this year. That's two in a row, thanks to Shadow…
And we have a Steve Irwin?
So she's Jane Allgood
Not really. I hate cartoons sometimes…
Wait, was that a male Glitter Spritz?
So when did they leave?
Sri Lanka?
So the only reason this photo wall wasn't in Season 8 is because Babs isn't allowed to appear in even-numbered season
Huh, she's pretty close to Rainbow Dash…
You really think that'll work
They're clearly just playing along…
So the auras can't be seen…
Both sides have a point, rewatch the Season 5 finale
Prune juice will do what, exactly
This'll backfire horribly
She's been living alone for so long you'd expect she's already capable…
Now it's time to go…
So where do the aunts live?
Silver Spoon?
Wait, Babs?
That's it?
So when does Babs get her CM?
So all 5 got theirs now…
Yay, she can stay now!
That's what cutie marks are…
So it's the other way around
And her aunts live here now!
Seriously, why does Babs not have her cutie mark?
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