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I’m currently reading a webcomic on this site called “Out of Chrysalis”, and some of the latest pages made me realize something about Applejack.
Why is it that she forbids unicorns and pegasi from using magic and flight respectively during harvest time, yet doesn’t bat an eyelash whenever her friends do the exact same thing? (EX. Applebuck Season, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000) Wouldn’t she forbid them from using it too?
Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t AJ’s hatred of magic users on her property be considered racism in her universe?
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Nah, she doesn’t hate magic and she’s not racist either. It’s just that she’s one of Ponyville’s top three egos and legitimately can’t conceive that there are other ways than HER way unless forced to.
When she defends the Ponyville way to do Winter Wrap Up, she’s really defending the Apple Family way. Between the town being founded by her family rather than earth ponies in general and being “the most dependable of ponies” for years, the way earth ponies, Ponyville, the Apple Family and SHE do things are one and the same as far as she’s concerned.
She’s probably a bigger control freak than Twilight. Remember how outraged she was that Strawberry Sunrise had the gall to not worship the ground apples grow on? The way she thought HER family had the only way to a “real” Hearth’s Warming in Hearthbreakers? That she thought something was wrong with Coloratura because the life she chose to live wasn’t the one APPLEJACK thought she should live?
Yeah, that.
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She’s a traditional gal. The writing can of course be inconsistent but that’s the vibe I get from her seems to be around doing things the earth pony way.
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