Spitfire's cutie mark


To me it looks like a butterfly that’s on fire.
I personally preferred the fanon cutie mark but this is the canon one so I accept it.
I also question why Soarin’s cutie mark is just the Wonderbolts symbol (the real answer is lazy artists) but I wonder what its meaning would be if we ever got one? Like did he have some affiliation with the team in the past or maybe he didn’t get his cutie mark until he was approved to join the team so his talent is simply: Being a Wonderbolt?
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Lol, she’s your coworker/teammate, you tell me what it means :P
According to the wikia page her cutie mark is 3 licks of flame in the shape of a phoenix, which IMO is just plain awesome (IMO Spits has one of the coolest if not the coolest cutie mark in the whole show).
I think her cutie mark has something to do with aerodynamic heating (flying so fast she gets very hot).
Also why are you referring to yourself in the third-person? Don’t you know where your cutie mark came from?
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