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Maybe it’s just me, but Spike and Gabby’s interactions in Dragon Dropped are some of the most wholesome moments in the show.
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@Luca H.
I think something similar has been happening for me with a different show in recent years.
I didn’t stop watching it, but I stopped talking about it or discussing it online, because both within and without the fandom there is just a lot of toxicity.
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Agreed. But I always felt like Steven Universe was meant for a slightly older demographic of kids then MLP. From what I heard it covers themes that are usually more mature than what MLP has. Which is not a criticism of MLP just a clarification.
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@Luca H.
It brought up some heavy topics, like losing a parent, and even PTSD. It also had queer representation, for both romance and diverse identities. It’s also just a well-written show. So no surprise it attracted a wider audience.
And also no surprise some people got pretty toxic about all the queer stuff.
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My mom always joked that Pinkie was on drugs because of her hyperness. I keep insisting it’s all that sugar and she’s the Element of Laughter, but she still says drugs.
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Meanwhile, I started writing my walls of text to prove that I could engage with MLP on its own terms (a kid’s show) while still finding insightful things to say about it.
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