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Ambassador Spike is so big and strong that he dislocated the griffon representative’s shoulder with a handshake.
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“Ponies are just teenage female horses while fillies are baby females and foals are only baby males.”
~ Some people I have talked to a long time ago
Not even sure what their source of this “information” is, but whatever it is I question the research put into it.
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Dragon characters like Spike, Smolder or Ember with shoes feels off and weird. I don’t think their feet are adjusted enough for shoes like that, also they look better barefooted anyway.
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Season 5 of Friemdship is Magic is probably one of my favorite seasons. It’s probably the most ambitious season. It’s so insane what kind of stories they have in there, like a cult leader, a nightmare tantibus, a cutie mark that could be detrimental to the user and so on.
I kind of miss that kind of insanity that that season had. And I hope that G5 will have their own season 5 where they have really cool interesting ideas.
Season 5 and Season 7 btw are probably my favorite seasons for their really interesting ideas. Although I some think Season 7 episodes while having great concepts sometimes fell short in execution.
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