The Fluttershy Thread

A Tale For The Ages - Celebrated MLP's 35th Anniversary and FiM's 8th Anniversary

How well do I know “Fluttershy”? Well, here’s a few things I know.
  1. She’s cute  
  2. She’s kind  
  3. She’s coy, yet brave  
  4. Anyone who dares inflict pain on her will meet the same fate as Beerus of what he did to Bulma, unleashing my Saiyan wrath like Vegeta.
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She is the element of kindness, she’s very shy “but she can be brave too”, she is an animal caretaker, her singing voice is so beautiful, her eyes and her smile are so graceful, she has best pony friends in the mane 6 group, her pet bunny is Angel, she reformed Discord with her kindness and became best friends, she lives in a cottage near the everfree forest, she build an animal sanctuary with the help of her friends, her voice is so beautiful, quiet, and soft to listen to whenever I hear her talk, she is also the teacher of her kindness classroom in the friendship school, and best of all, she is my number 1 best pony/my number 1 best waifu that I have ever falling in love with!  
(Talking to Fluttershy) “I love you my dearest Flutters-Wutters! I love you so much more and forever!”
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The way how she sleeps peacefully melts my heart away.  

Oh, speaking of which, that reminds me of something…..  
The way how she sleeps like that is so cute, beautiful, and adorable, and it still melts my heart away! God she’s so beautiful! I love my dearest waifu so much more and forever. 😍💖💘
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