The Kirin Fan Thread

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Kirin Flutterfan
After I noticed a criminal lack of Autumn Blaze thread, I decided to make this one, for all the fans of Rain Shine and her people!
Ground rules for this thread:
1.- Just post pics that include kirin as a focus.  
2.- Kirin-ified characters are allowed.  
3.- OCs welcome too!  
4.- Try to post mainly SFW pics, but if you really need to post anything Suggestive or higher, please, pretty please, cover it up wit spoiler syntax.  
5.- No grimdark, grotesque nor abuse, we are here to celebrate kirins, not kill’em.
And without further adieu, let’s begin the diabeetus!  
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Actually, I’ve already read up on them a while back. Because back in 2016 I asked someone if she wanted her persona in a picture I’m gonna do in the future. She said yes and that her persona was a Kirin, but she only had a pointy pony for a reference. So I had to look up the creature and had to design a version of her that would fit in with the show and it’s style.
Lo and behold that years later, the creatures are not only canon, but what I came up with was eerily similar to what the show ended up doing.
Weird right?
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