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@Meso Echo  
I always like it when Twilight acts like her old self. I think that’s one of the reasons I didn’t mind What About Discord?: Twilight felt like S1-S2 Twilight to me. I agree with what’s been said for the most part. While I (still) like Twilight, I think the writers should tone down her preachiness a bit. Make her more mature, but still socially awkward and bookish at heart. It’d be more believable than the direction the writers have been trying to go in for the past two seasons or so.
@Meso Echo  
Wait: AJ’s voice was different in S1?
@Villain Pony  
Let the discussion run its course.

She fantasized about torturing her bullies with magic.
Big fucking deal.
And no, Sweetie Belle doesn’t have “a mean streak a mile wide” or “issues”. Not even a little. “For Whom The Sweetie Belle Tolls” was the first episode to show her being particularly cruel, and she got over that pretty quick.

This is hilariously enough one of the least problems I had with her backstory. I had more of a problem with her reaction and how it killed any potential for sympathy.
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