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Unpopular opinion time

Background Pony #5653
Hot take: Most Spike episodes aren’t that bad. Only Spike at Your Service and Princess Spike are truly terrible. The rest range from OK to decent.
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I wonder if the issue is that Spike doesn’t have great episodes like the others (who also have their share of bad episodes). So his range from ‘terrible to okay’ while the Mane Six’ range from ‘terrible to awesome.’
Not that I’d know which episode counts as which. I liked Dragon Quest for instance, if there was any problem there I didn’t find them related to Spike.
Background Pony #5653
Rainbow Dash has worse episodes on average than Spike.
Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, Newbie Dash, 28 Pranks Later, Non-Compete Clause, End In Friend, and 2, 4, 6, Greaat are REALLY bad episodes.
Background Pony #5653
Applejack’s episodes are also worse than Spike’s. At least some of Spike’s episodes, like Princess Spike, are remembered for being so bad.
Applejack’s episodes tend to be forgettable at best. Applejack is so uninteresting that she gets upstaged in her own episodes. How many bronies remember anything from The Last Round-Up besides the Derpy scene?
Background Pony #5653
Are you mad at my post, or are you saying that Pinkie Pie getting mad is something people remember from The Last Round-Up?
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I think their point is that it’s an Applejack episode that gets more remembered for its non-Applejack bits than for the ones focusing on her.
I never cared for Applejack so I was never gonna remember much about her, but I wouldn’t call her uninteresting. Maybe a little bit obsessed with putting apple motifs on everything she owns, though (at least in EqG, since there are clothes there). Feels like she was written by Games Workshop sometimes.
Me too. If memory serves, the ‘Spike only gets bad episodes’ opinion in the fandom only was during the first half of the show.
I agree with BP#5653 that the others got worse episodes, but like I theorized, they’ve also many more good episodes than Spike. Then again, if I recall right, they individually got more episodes, fullstop.
Background Pony #5653
Like how nobody remembers anything Applejack (or Fluttershy, TBF) did in Sounds of Silence, and everyone remembers the kirin.
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Honestly same, he has a lot of good episodes than he gets credit for, it’s too bad that his more infamous overshadow the rest like Princess Spike
@Background Pony #5653
Eh, I find forgettable to be better than bad because while yeah having a terrible episode is one way to get remembered, it’s remembered for all the wrong reasons. That and the fact that AJ is a more down to earth character that doesn’t have any off the wall quirks or extreme personalities that the rest do. Sometimes, we need episodes like AJ’s as a way to unwind and relax and show that it isn’t all slapstick or humor or high stake conflicts.
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I would have liked that one a lot today if it wasn’t for the redesign of the changelings. That redesign made the changelings losing its charm.
About Applejack, I actually enjoy The last Round-Up. I think it’s her best episode and it’s one of my favourite ones.
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If you’re referring to me, you’d be correct.
The problem with AJ episodes is that rarely ever did the writers ever allow her to leave her comfort zone. They also often ended up inventing ridiculous flaws for her that she could overcome in the very episode where they were introduced.
My personal favorite AJ eps are Sounds of Silence and Made in Manehattan, both of which put her in an environment outside of her farm and family.
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To be fair to Applejack and Fluttershy in Sounds of Silence, the competition was kirins. A whole new interesting and intriguing species (as opposed to, say, the yaks). And, well, Autumn Blaze. If the Cutie Map didn’t want her to steal the show, it should have picked Rainbow and Rarity instead. Those two tend to overdo it.
Not sure if Coco Pommel stole the show in Made in Manehattan though.
Speaking of that episode, I have to say I didn’t like the overdose of Rarity + Applejack episodes. Whether Equestria Girls or G4, yeah, it was clearly DHX’s pet ship. Meanwhile, Rarity + Rainbow got only three episodes I think, and Rarity + Twilight got… oh, right. Zero.

I would forgive them being so over-paired a bit more if the show had ever bothered to show us some of their past - they’re the only two who grew up in Ponyville, after all.
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Meanwhile, Rarity + Rainbow got only three episodes I think, and Rarity + Twilight got… oh, right. Zero.
Yeah and one of those episodes actively went out of it’s way to make sure to “prove” that “they could never work together!” after years of people begging to see them get another episode together, making the episode being such transparent bullshit. It’s like trying to fix your car and your friend saying that they can’t get it to start while shredding the engine with a chainsaw
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